How to Make a Wish Come True Overnight: Step-by-Step

Do you want to know how to make a wish come true overnight? In our article you will find an algorithm, pieces of advice on how to bring your wish to life.


Almost all people in the world dream.

Surely, the wishes and needs are different for all people, but still there exist.

Children have small wishes and, more often than not, adults can easily make them come true: a new toy, dog, etc.

Older generation has bigger ambitions and in order to make them come true one must not only take great efforts, but wait for some time as well.

That’s why most adults give up and their secret wishes stay only in their subconscious.

It’s very sad, because if you think about it, you are sure to understand that if a person wants something overnight, he is likely to receive a possibility to make it come true.

One should only approach the mechanism of realization of a wish very seriously and think what he should do to make it come true and always stick to his plan.

So that it would be easier for you, we’ll discover together how to make a wish come true overnight.

How to make a wish come true overnight: step-by-step mechanism

All people, who like fairy tales, know the most incredible things happen exactly at night, when the world stops waiting for the miracles to happen.

There exists a system of how to make a wish come true, and you are to follow it. We’ll start with the words you choose to express an intention.

Step-by-step mechanism of transforming a wish overnight:

  1. Define what you personally dream of and make a wish, which is supposed to bring you happiness and prosperity, and mind that everything depends only on you.
  2. The time when you make a wish is extremely important.

    Try to do it at a big holiday such as New Year or Easter, because it’s time when the old patterns crush and something new and light is born on the Earth.

  3. So that your wish definitely came true, express it very as precisely as possible.

    Think what you would ask Genie, if he visited you this very moment.


    How would you put it?

    “I want to be healthy.” Are you ill now? It won’t suit.

    You’d better say “I am healthy and full of strength, my energy is inexhaustible”.

    If you prefer to get something tangible – a flat or a coat – say it like this “I get a coat/flat”.

    Moreover, make sure you added the date, when you get these riches.

  4. In case you’ve got more than 1 wish, you’ll have to make a list.

    Moreover, do it distinctly and correctly, so that the Universe did not have any chances to leave you out in the cold.

    Put down in a notebook all wishes.

    The first desire must be getting an object you often recall or have been willing to get for a long time.

    As soon as you put it down, call your friend, hint him to bring you this object.

    Remember to thank your friend and the Universe.

    Then, write down in the notebook how happy and grateful you are.

  5. The next move is the illustration of the main wish or the so-called map of dreams.

    Draw or find the ready picture of a desired thing or cut from a magazine a photo of how your wishes come true overnight.

How to phrase a wish accurately overnight?

A person may reach overnight and on his own everything he wishes.

To accomplish it one must simply tell the Universe about his ambition.

How to do it?

Everything is very simple here – by means of the power of thought.

Step-by-step instruction of a technique how to make a wish come true overnight:

  1. It must concern only you

    Do not ask for things to your friends and relatives.

    They can ask the Universe for assistance personally.

  2. A wish is supposed to be phrased in the present tense

    For instance, in case you are willing to buy a house, write I’ve got a house.

    Another condition is having no negations!

    In case you are eager to become wealthy overnight, your dream must not contain the negative particle not.

    It’ll be totally wrong to say I do not wish to be poor.

    Replace it with I’m rich.

  3. Write down your wish on a sheet of paper and set the date of its fulfillment

    When do you need it to happen?

    A year? A month? A week?

    Mark an exact date it happens.

  4. Describe your dream in details

    The more specifics you mention, the better.

    The Universe finds it easier to fulfill dreams with specific demands and formulations.

  5. Then, fix your hopes by the phrase-protective charm

    “Let all wishes come to my life and bring me happiness and joy. So shall it be!”

How to make a wish come true?

The offered ways of how to make a wish come true overnight might seem rather primitive.

However, even when you are aware of such elementary things, you still prefer not to do or to postpone them.

We hope this information will become a good motivation to remember about regular work on your ambitions.

5 ways how to make a wish come true overnight

  1. The board of wishes

    The strength of visualization is probably the most powerful instrument on the way of making our desires come true overnight.

    You may create the map of dreams either in electronic format or a paper one.

    One look at the board should be enough to forget about pessimism and charge with enthusiasm.

    The brighter and stronger your intentions are, the more powerful are the impulses, which you send to the Universe.

  2. The technique of possession

    None of your wishes will come true, if you simply look at a picture with a beautiful house and understand that you want the same one.

    The sense of visualization is to imagine how you own this thing, embrace this thought and actually believe in it.

    If you are eager to have a gorgeous house and lively imagine how you walk on the soft carpet, how you climb the stairs, how you sit near the fireplace, think how you decorate everything there – this may be called visualization.

  3. You must believe in your dream

    You are to desire for something real and be 100% sure it is going to come true.

    Moreover, you’d better remember that the Universe is not limited in the riches for us, that’s why you can set the highest tasks, but only if you believe in their reality.

  4. It must really be YOUR wish

    Nowadays, it’s very “fashionable” to dream of a cool car, luxurious villas, leading post and travelling to the islands.

    Think what you actually need.

    However, it’s not very easy to separate your own preferences from the imposed ones.

    The real dream is sure to cause huge energy income, positive emotions and inspiration.

  5. Gratitude

    Gratitude is a kind of giving your energy for the provided riches.

    Nevertheless, gratitude must be sincere and never formal, supported by the feelings, positive energy and come from your heart.

Tips, which will bring you nearer to the wish

  • Avoid being in a hurry

    Estimate your possibilities very objectively.

    The more globally you wish, the more time is needed to make it happen.

  • Speak about your wish

    You must have heard that you’d better leave your wishes to yourself and they are sure to happen then.

    It won’t work with a dream, because you are to speak about it.

    Let your friends be aware what you dream of.

    Perhaps, someone can assist you in getting a little nearer to it overnight.

  • Act

    When you are just lying on the sofa and dream, expecting someone will make all your wishes come true, you risk staying without anything.

    Do not sit in one place.

  • Call the destiny for help

    It sounds ridiculous, but you might try it.

    So, if you took great efforts, but still could not come closer to the desired wish, you’d better start believing in miracles.

    Repeat your desire, blowing out candles on your birthday cake or looking at a falling star.

  • Be stable

    Wish only for one thing.

    If you change your wishes every day, none of them will come true.

  • Never lose hope

    If you reach your wish too long and it seems it’ll never come true, you should not be disappointed.

    However, if you understand what prevents you from making your wish come true overnight, think how to eliminate the obstacles and go straight to it.

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What to do when you made your wish come true?

Very often people, who made their wish come true, say that it did not bring pleasure to them.

It was interesting to reach it, but the result did not bring euphoria.

Some people even may have a feeling they lost the sense of life.

How you should behave in a suchlike situation:

  1. Firstly, do not regret it.

    Applaud yourself for being able to bring the desires to life, because you are a strong personality.

    In case you did not accomplish them, you would never learn the emotions you feel, so never regret anything.

  2. Secondly, you should go on dreaming.

    Now you realize how to fulfill your desires, so go ahead to a new target.

When you truly wish to remake something in your life – act!

You’ll definitely succeed, if only you have faith in yourself and start persistently reaching your goals.

We hope that after everything you’ve read on how to make a wish come true overnight, you’ll be surprised how many new opportunities the Universe provides you with to accomplish it.

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