How to Remove Smoke Smell from Furniture?

Simple and accessible ways how to remove smoke smell from furniture.


The soft furniture has soaked with cigarette stench and you have no idea how to cope with this situation, have not you?

Then our article is what you need!

In the article below we are going to tell you how to remove smoke smell from furniture once and for all.

How to remove smoke smell from furniture using the aromatic agents?

Various air fresheners are sure to help you cope with the unpleasant smell. In order to do it, you should spread the aromatic mixture around the room and pay special attention to your sofa and armchairs.

Modern manufacturers offer even automatic air fresheners (which turn on in a certain time pattern), aroma candles and aroma lamps.

The stench is likely to be removed by some handmade aromatic agents.

Natural air fresheners to eliminate smoke smell:

  • Coffee and coffee beans;
  • Orange or orange (citrus) skin – orange peel;
  • Essential oils of various compositions.

However, such things do not remove the smoke stench but only mask it.

They are often used in the offices and cafes where the visitors do not smell the furniture.

At home, especially if you have children, you must learn what to do to get rid of it.

How to remove smoke smell from furniture using a shampoo?

One of the options is to wash the soft furniture using shampoo.

  1. Add little shampoo in the bucket with warm water.
  2. Mix it in the foam.
  3. Take a sponge rub the foam into the covering.

When the furniture gets dry, you must clean it using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the rest of dirt which shampoo pushed from the inside, lest it got under the cloth covering again.

In order to reach a better result, you may add some salt in the shampoo solution.

After such cleaning, you should not start using the furniture at once.

It will be very reasonable to wait till it becomes dry.

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How to remove smoke smell from furniture using vinegar?

In case you wish to remove smoke smell from the cloth covering of your sofa and other soft furniture, you should wipe them with the apple cider vinegar solution.

The receipt of apple cider vinegar solution:

Take 0,5 glass of apple cider vinegar and one glass of water and mix everything with the foaming washing product for the carpets.

Such solution effectively removes cigarette stench from soft sofas, tables, wardrobes, shelves and there is no necessity to change the cloth covering.

Besides, one may also set on the both sofa’s sides a couple of small bowls with vinegar and cover it with the Turkish towels, which were soaked in the vinegar solution beforehand.

It wonderfully ties the particles of the smoke.

Do not forget to air the apartment after cleaning (do it for several hours).

How to remove cigarette smell from furniture using soda?

In order to eliminate the cigarette smell, you may use a reliable method.

The ingredients you need in order to eliminate cigarette smell:

  • vinegar
  • water
  • ammonia
  • baking soda

This mixture is sure to help but it may also destroy the cloth covering. So, you should use it very carefully!

Besides, after such procedure, you should air the room for long in order to eliminate the odor of ammonia.

Another simple way how to use soda

An unusual way how to remove cigarette smell is to spread the soda over the surfaces.

It is said to consume odors and even one procedure is sure to make it easier to breathe in the room.

It should be noted that soda must stay on the surface for 24 hours and then you must take it away using a vacuum cleaner.

How to remove cigarette smell from furniture using a traditional method?

One is sure to find some tips which used to do our grandfathers and grandmothers to eliminate smoke smell from soft furniture – you should cover it with wet towels (without vinegar).

They absorb the unpleasant cigarette odor and help to refresh the room.

When the towels get dry, you should take the new ones.

You’ll eliminate the stench from these towels after the first washing.

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How to get rid of smoke smell from furniture by air ionization?

One of the best options how to protect your apartment and furniture from the unpleasant smoke smell is ionization.

This is an excellent and simple method how to get rid of the problem.

However, you’ll need to buy a special tool which will control it.

Household air ionizers perfectly well cope with bad odors and prevent their soaking into the furniture. It’s quite enough to set a suitable working pattern and enjoy the absence of cigarette smell.

How to remove smoke smell from furniture using the product to clean the carpets?

Foam washing products (may also be a gel or powder) excellently cope with different aromas, including smoke smell.

You must mix them with warm water and you are able to start cleaning.

A sponge with foam “gathers” all particles from the surfaces.

When the covering is dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner or beat it (if possible).

Remember that cleaning methods must be regularly applied.

If all methods, which were mentioned above, did not cope with the stench, the only solution would be to change the covering because it is the most reliable way how to solve such problem for a long time.

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Additional pieces of advice on how to remove smoke smell from furniture

  1. Air the rooms during warm seasons.

    As a rule, if the furniture has not absorbed the stench yet, this method can help.

    In addition, you should always hydrate the air

  2. Newspapers also absorb the odors.

    Take several old newspapers and spread them inside the furniture.

    This process might take you more time but it eliminates cigarette smoke cheap and effectively.

  3. Check all products beforehand on the unseen zones lest you ruined the covering.

    Moreover, check your close people on the allergy.

    The consequences can be the following: the color changed, the leather dried, the material became fragile, started to tear and crack, some stains appear, or people start suffering from allergies.

  4. The ozone generator is also a wonderful way how to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

    Ozone kills fungus and bacteria which are the sources of smell.

    Household ozone generators are sold in the most stores of electronics.

  5. Activated carbon can remove the smell fast.
  6. Woody coal is one of the most powerful colloid substances (absorbents).

    Turn the pieces of coal in a thin “breathing” cloth and put it on the surface.

    Only 100 grams of the woody coal can eliminate the smoke smell.

    Mind that this way of absorption will take several days because coal is unable to remove the stench fast.

What to do to avoid the necessity of removing smoke smell from furniture?

  1. Firstly, do not smoke.

    It won’t help in case your roommates do not want to give up this dreadful and bad-smelling habit.

    At least, you should call them for the order.

  2. Smoke only on the balcony or in the street.
  3. Cigarette smell won’t spread if you smoke near the turned on kitchen hood.
  4. Install the extraction ventilation in the sunroom or in the toilet and smoke there only when you turn it on.
  5. Clean the ashtrays in time.

    Ash and cigarette ends must not be simply thrown into the waste bucket but packed in the plastic bags or closed can (e.g. an empty bottle of milk or juice).

If you do not want to do the procedure regularly, you’d better turn to the cleaning company.

Special washing products, modern technologies of cleaning and the possibility to change the covering fast will eliminate the necessity to fight the problem of how to remove smoke smell from furniture.

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