How to Keep Your Breath Fresh: 10 Best Products

How to keep your breath fresh using 10 products + 11 rules how to take care of the mouth cavity.


How to keep your breath fresh and why does the unpleasant smell appear?

In this article, we are going to discover how to keep your breath fresh and save it for long.

Reasons for the absence of fresh breath

Before you start looking for the remedies from unpleasant breath, you should understand where it comes from.

In other words, you must understand and realize the reasons why you do not have fresh breath.

  1. Bacteria.

    The unpleasant breath appears because of bacteria in most of the cases.

    It happens because of the resultant products of bacteria and protein.

    In the process of metabolism, this very gas is manufactured and we experience it with huge disgust.

    The gas appears after meals.

    Think – the fruits, coffee, and other things taste delicious.

    However, the smell of your breath after eating is not always good because the mixture of the manufactured gas and food smells are responsible for the unpleasant breath.

  2. Dryness of the mouth.

    Lack of proper hydration in the mouth cavity also leads to bad smell.

    Lack of humid increases the level of acidity and, consequently, to the gas production.

    Why do you have this dryness?

    Sometimes it is caused by big physical loads or when you sleep with the opened mouth.

    The reasons may also be some medical drugs or illnesses such as xerostomia.

  3. Products.

    This reason is pretty obvious because the products with terrible smell are sure to secure you with the same breath.

    First of all, these are, naturally, onion and garlic.

    Alcohol also influences because it causes the effect of dryness of the mouth cavity.

  4. Diseases.

    The unpleasant smell might occur as a result of some illnesses, such as diseases of liver, kidneys or diabetes.

    It especially concerns diseases which are connected to the mouth cavity.

    Ill gums and teeth lead to sharp and extremely awful smell.

    However, this is the least hardship because it may be easily solved by a trip to a dentist.

8 ways, how to keep your breath fresh

  1. Going to a doctor is sure to help as there are some problems which can be solved only by means of medicine.
  2. Hydrate the mouth cavity as it’s rather useful to rinse it with water several times a day.

    If you wish, you may add several drops of lemon juice and it will encourage salivation.

  3. Chew rosemary and parsley as it makes sense, especially after eating such “smelly” product as garlic.

    They have a pleasant smell on their own, are able to cope with the onion’s smell and contain substances which successfully neutralize other smells.

  4. Chewing gum should never be ignored because it stimulates salivation.

    However, you’d better pick the chewing gum with xylitol and never prefer the one with sugar.

  5. Visit a dentist and you’d better do it twice per years even if you have no problems with teeth.

    Professional removal of accretion is able to keep many smells away from you.

  6. The salt solution is also useful.

    Within 10 days before breakfast, you should drink 1/3 of a glass of salt solution (under the condition you mix 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 glass of water).

    10-20 minutes later you should eat cereal cooked on milk or, at the very least, yogurt.

  7. Fruits and vegetables are sure to keep your breath fresh.

    It’s quite enough to eat one carrot or an apple in order to forget about the problem for a couple of hours.

  8. The spray is the product which provides with the possibility to preserve fresh breath for 20 minutes.

    However, if necessary, you can take it with you in your bag and use it from time to time.

How to keep your breath fresh all day: 4 rules

  1. If earlier you limit yourself only with cleaning teeth twice a day, tonight you should try to clean your tongue.

    You’d better clean it with a teaspoon, carefully removing the tongue plaque in the direction to the tip of the tongue.

  2. After you removed most of the tongue plaque, you are sure to eliminate a huge amount of bacteria and the next morning you won’t feel the bad breath.
  3. It is desirable to use dental floss to clean the areas between the teeth.
  4. After eating something you should rinse your mouth but you should never use tea for this purpose as it will quickly make your enamel darker.

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How to pick toothpaste to keep your breath fresh?

The most effective will be the toothpaste which does not contain alcohol.

Alcohol dries your mucous coat and it only increases the smell.

Your toothpaste should contain some antibacterial components: chloride dioxide, chloride cetyl pyridinium and so on.

They are likely to decrease the number of bacteria in the cavity.

Picking mouth rinse you’d better rely on the same principles as with toothpaste.

Besides, the modern rinses have the components which eliminate odor using a chemical way.

Such components are the combinations of zinc, chloride dioxide, and others.

Choosing a product to clean your teeth you should note that the most popular are toothpaste of hygienic and therapeutic actions but there are also gels, toothpowders, and rinses.

The toothpaste of therapeutic actions contains active biological substances: vitamins, medical extracts, herbal infusions, salts, and microelements.

Such toothpaste protects teeth and gums from damages.

It’s quite reasonable to use gels as a preventive measure from carries because they contain active fluorine.

Toothpowders perfectly polish the tooth enamel and work like the abrasive (are not suitable to use regularly).

How to keep your breath smelling good using the receipts of the mouth rinses

2 receipts of the homemade rinses for fresh breath:

  1. Mint.

    Take a spoon of dry mint or 5 leaves of fresh mint and pour into 1 glass of boiling water, draw for 2-3 hours.

    This infusion can be used to rinse mouth two or three times per day within two weeks.

    The infusion will be even more effective than special pills for mouth cavity.

  2. Mint + strawberry + chamomile.

    How to keep your breath fresh using herbs: 1 tablespoon of mint leaves, strawberry, chamomile or sage pour with 200 ml of boiling water.

    When the infusion gets cool, you should strain it and rinse 3-4 times a day after meals.

Simple rules how to keep your breath fresh

7 rules how to keep your breath fresh all day:

  1. Clean the teeth after eating and rinse mouth after tea or coffee.

    Chew some fresh greens in order to get rid of the dental plaque and refresh your breath.

  2. Try to make your diet full of useful products.

    Do not hurry when you eat and thoroughly chew the food.

  3. Give up dreadful habits because smoking makes your tooth enamel dark.
  4. Do not eat the food of the opposite temperatures – your enamel does not like it.

    Sudden changes in the temperature are said to be an overload for your teeth.

  5. Be careful eating fruits with too much acid because any acid influences the delicate enamel and makes it vulnerable.
  6. Refuse to drink fizzy drinks because the enormous amount of sugar in them is extremely harmful to your teeth.

    Besides, they contain a high percentage of the acids which erode your enamel.

  7. Products which are rich in vitamins and minerals, fresh vegetables and fruits (carrots, apples, cabbage) as well as water and green tea (which lowers the spread of bacteria) are sure to be helpful for your teeth.

How to keep your breath fresh?

Follow our simple rules and they are sure to secure your breath fresh and eliminate all problems in communication.

However, you should mind that the best piece of advice anyone can give you will be to take good care of your health and then you won’t need any additional tricks.

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