How to Get Rid of Scabies in Your Home?

Do you know how to get rid of scabies in the house using easily accessible methods? Our tips are sure to help you eliminate scabies.


Scabies is a contagious parasitic disease which is caused by itch mite.

The main way how it is spread is a contact infection.

In order to secure yourself and your relatives from this unpleasant pathology, you need to know that you may be infected even when you shake hands with people.

Sexual interactions, common clothes, bed and the items of general usage – these are the ways how a person may be infected with scabies.

Read how to get rid of scabies in the house in the article below.

What scabies are?

Microscopic itch mite, which triggers the disease, can live for some time in the living environment.

As soon as a person puts on the clothes or uses things, which have parasites, they momentarily get under the skin feeling the warmth of the human body.

Pretty often this disease occurs in the swimming pools, gyms, transport and other public places which are not free from germs.

Some people mistakenly set a diagnosis of having scabies.

Scabies have the number of specific symptoms:

  • Skin itch which gets worse in the evening or after a hot shower;
  • Small reddish pimples (papules);
  • Burrows which remind of the thin dirty-white scratches which are in average 1,5 cm long.

    They end in a bubble (vesicle).

    Sometimes burrows look like gray or black dots, which create dashes on the skin.

The main difference of scabies from the rest of illnesses is a specific rash which is caused by the movements of the mites under the skin.

How to get rid of scabies in your house calling for a disinfector?

The optimal option of how to disinfect your house with the sick people is to call a qualified specialist – a disinfector.

A disinfector is obliged to do the following things:

  • To process bed sheets.

    Before washing the underwear, towels and bed sheets are moistened with chloride solution or are boiled.

    Cushions, mattresses, plaids and blankets are covered with chemical compositions and thoroughly aired;

  • Disinfection of the cloth surfaces implies disinfecting the clothes with a steam generator unit.

    In order to clear all things in the house and get rid of the harmful germs you should clean everything using hot steam;

  • Cleaning toys and items of personal hygiene can be done using the most reliable and effective method – mechanical cleaning of the objects and isolating them temporary in the plastic bags;
  • General house disinfection means that the floor and the ceiling are washed with chemically active products; the walls are steamed (depending on their covering).

    The holes and spaces in the doorways and windows are processes with hot steam under the pressure.

    It is also used to steam the folds of the soft furniture, heavy hangings, and curtains;

  • The final step how to get rid of scabies is one more disinfection of the surfaces 1 or 1,5 week later.
    It will let you eliminate all parasites and get rid of their eggs.

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How to clean the house to get rid of scabies?

The things you can do to get rid of scabies in the house:

  1. Disinfect bedclothes, underwear, and towels in the solution from the washing powder for 10-15 minutes from the moment they start boiling or moistening them for an hour in the chloride solutions.
  2. The rest of the clothes (dresses, pants, suits, jumpers, etc.) are disinfected by ironing them from the both sides by a hot iron (desirably with steam).
  3. Things which cannot be processed by chemical substances can be put in the fresh air for at least 5-7 days.

    Though when the temperature is below zero, one day will be quite enough.

  4. Soft furniture must be cleaned with an iron and steam.
  5. You must do the general wet cleaning in the flat and wash the floors with soap, 1-2% of soda solution or add some disinfecting products, paying special attention to the door handles, armrests and so on.
  6. Disinfection must begin at the same time with the beginning of the medical treatment of scabies.

    When you finish the treatment, you must process the things the patient used once again.

  7. The wet cleaning must be done every day with hot 1-2% soda solution.

    The cleaning material is either boiled or put in the disinfecting solution afterward.

  8. The shoes are wiped with pads which are moistened with 10% formalin solution and left there for 20 minutes.

    You should also clean all pieces of furniture with 1-2% soapy-soda solution. Soft furniture and other things may be processed by insecticides.

How to get rid of scabies in the house where a sick person lives?

In case a sick person has his treatment at home, a doctor will organize a current disinfection and give precise recommendations on how to do it.

A patient and his family members must follow the recommendations on how to get rid of scabies in the house.

A sick person has his own bed and personal things:

  • Bed sheets;
  • A towel;
  • Underwear;
  • A shower pouf.

All these items are kept apart from the rest of things.

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Moreover, there are some disinfecting measures how to get rid of scabies in your home:

  1. Dirty laundry is gathered in a tight pillowcase.

    Disinfecting the sheets and towels is made by boiling in 2% soap or soda solution or using any washing product (20 g for 1 l of water) within 10-15 minutes from the moment of boiling and followed by a usual washing.

  2. If you have no possibility to boil these things, you can put them in the disinfecting solution.

    Iron the upper clothes (dresses, suits, trousers, jumpers and so on) from the both sides through a wet cloth devoting special attention to the pockets.

  3. Some things can get rid of scabies by staying in the open air for 5 days.

    These are the coats, raincoats, fur coat, some items made of leather or suede.

  4. In the patient’s room, there must always be a wet cleaning with 1-2% soda or soap solution.

    It concerns washing the floor and most pieces of furniture.

How to get rid of scabies in your house using 4 simple methods?

  1. Use vinegar.

    Vinegar is considered to be a natural and inexpensive means of disinfection.

    When the house is disturbed by the illness, you should use the aerosol atomizer with the mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water.

    The mixture is applied to disinfect every surface in the kitchen or bathroom.

    If you are sensitive to the smell, you may add the juice of ½ of a lemon to balance the smell.

  2. Never forget about laundry.

    Regularly clean the basket and other places with laundry with the mixture described above.

    Wash the towels, bed sheets and bedclothes in a hot water to kill the simplest microbes.

  3. Use the sun as a disinfector.

    In the warm season, the sun becomes the best protection from the bacteria spreading.

    If you have a balcony, you should try to dry your blankets, rugs, pillows and even small mattresses in the street, under the direct sunshine because this is a perfect way to get rid of scabies.

  4. Tea tree oil.

    A special attention deserves tea tree oil because it is a natural antibacterial product which clears and refreshes without any chemical additions.

Scabies are quite “peaceful” but still they bring lots of worries.

Nevertheless, having learned how to get rid of scabies in the house and implementing various disinfecting products, you can calm down a little: just like you cannot step in the same river twice, the risk of getting scabies for the second time is significantly lower.

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