Chest Pain after Quitting Smoking: Popular Reasons

You noticed chest pains after quitting smoking, did not you? 4 reasons why chest pain appears and plenty of ways how to get rid of it.


A person who quit smoking often starts having unpleasant consequences like this or that health deviation.

Many people are haunted by strong fits of a cough, respite, and frequent chest pains after quitting smoking.

The appearance of chest pain after quitting smoking

Before a person gets to live a healthy and abundant life, he is likely to feel the whole complex of unpleasant consequences, which are actually the results of the process of detoxification and restoration of the healthy condition.

If you start having chest pains after quitting smoking, it may mean the following:

  • The beginning of the active process of lungs’ clearing from nicotine and resin;
  • The appearance of the symptoms of the heart deficiency due to the oxygen starvation during detoxification;
  • The aggravation of gastritis or ulcer.

What triggers chest pains after quitting smoking?

Very often when a person completely quits smoking cigarettes, such phenomenon of physiological discomfort as chest pain appears.

The main reasons of such pains may be:

  1. The symptom of the withdrawal from the regularly coming nicotine.

    Your organism gets used to the regular actions, which influence the whole life support.

    That’s why any changes cause side effects like chest pain or some other.

  2. Hyperpnoea.

    After quitting smoking the alkalotic balance is disturbed and it causes problems in the work of the lungs.

    If a person suddenly quits smoking, it may lead to hyperpnoea – the condition when the need for oxygen increases and a person starts breathing frequently.

  3. The presence of the chronic lung diseases.

    Smoking can cause plenty of different respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, chronic obstructive illness or even in some cases lung cancer.

    The course of these diseases may also change depending on the nicotine received by your organism.

  4. Different non-pulmonary diseases.

    Such kinds of diseases are considered to be ischemic heart disease or various heart pathologies.

    The vessels react to the release of the hazardous substances after quitting smoking by angiospasm which is masked by the chest pain.

  5. Depression after quitting smoking.

    Many people, who quit smoking, notice that the period of giving up this habit is characterized by the lost self-control, hot temper, irritation and even depression.

    Sudden mood changes are peculiar for the adaptation period and they are temporary because they usually disappear 2 or 3 weeks later.

What to do if you have chest pains?

As you can see, the reasons why chest pains appear may be extremely different, that’s why it is advised to pay attention to the ways how your organism reacts and whether it reveals any problems.

3 significant tips on how you must pay attention to your health:

  1. Pay attention to the presence of chronic illnesses (such as asthma, bronchitis).

    It may be possible that they aggravated in this period and became the reason why painful feelings occur, which were previously blocked by smoking and your organism simply did not know or underestimated these problems.

  2. Make sure you go to a see a doctor.

    A severe cough and respite, limited movements in the area of the chest and other unpleasant symptoms – all of it may be the symptoms of the development of the malignant tumors or other problems, which require urgent treatment.

  3. It’s quite possible to ease the condition on your own, too.

    In order to do it, you need to balance the day regime, including everyday walks in it.

    It’s also important to air the room often and to sleep with the elevated head.

What you should not do if you have chest pains after quitting smoking?

For those who quit smoking, chest pains are very unpleasant, especially if nothing like this ever happened.

  1. There may appear some thoughts to start smoking again and get rid of these unpleasant feelings.

    The result will be even worse because the further development of illness and the appearance of the new ones may be caused by the renewed action of the triggering factor.

  2. You should never refuse to go to a doctor in time and to have the required diagnostics.

    Firstly, it concerns the lungs’ x-ray, which allows seeing the possible malignant tumors, and analyses, which can define the presence of this or that illness.

  3. Never neglect to do the doctor’s demands concerning your treatment and stick to the recommendations when you have chest pain after quitting smoking.

The preventative measures of chest pain after quitting smoking

In order to get rid of chest pain, you must definitely take preventative measures, which are sure to improve the well-being of the former smoker.

It’s very effective to relieve the chest pain after quitting smoking by balancing your day schedule:

  1. Get up and go to bed at one and the same time;
  2. Walk in the fresh air more often;
  3. Include healthy food in your diet;
  4. Do some physical exercises.

Sore Throat after Quitting Smoking

How to clear the lungs to eliminate chest pains after quitting smoking?

There are several effective ways how to clear the lungs which are likely to help you eliminate the discomfort.

  1. Inhalation is the inhaling of the steam from the herbal infusions made from fir, juniper, linden flowers, lavender, chamomile and mint.

    They encourage the quicker elimination of the sticky substances with resin from the walls of the respiratory tract.

  2. Respiratory exercises and the yoga breathing techniques clear the bronchi from toxins and waste which provoke the inflammation processes and painful feelings.
  3. Food can help to clear the respiratory system from poison.

    You should eat the food which is rich in phytoncides.

    They have the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

    The best helpers in fighting the problem will become garlic and onion.

  4. Speaking of sports, it should be mentioned that at first, physical activities must be moderate because your organism is only starting a new regime, trying to restore the processes of life support.

    So, do not overload it.

Other reasons of chest pains after quitting smoking

  1. Very often such pains occur if a person has thoracalgia.

    It grows during inhales and sometimes even does not let breathe normally due to its strong expressiveness.

    Moreover, it may grow even when you move and develop without high temperature.

    The proper diagnosis can be made only by a doctor.

    Degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine often imitates the pulmonary pathology.

  2. Cardiac angina or myocardial infarct cause retrosternal pains and are often accompanied by the feeling of the lack of air.

    That’s why the first doctor, where the patients usually go, may be pulmonologist.

    So, people who smoke can have the chest pains from the pulmonary pathology or other illnesses.

    That’s why you should turn to a doctor in time.

    It’s the most significant method to pick the proper treatment measures.

Anyway, if a person quits smoking in time, he secures long-lasting life without troubles and will definitely forget the chest pains after quitting smoking.

So, if you decided to make this serious step, gather all your will-power because it’s extremely difficult to give up the habit of smoking.

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