How to Have a Good Singing Voice?

How to have a good voice using 9 exercises on how to develop your voice + 7 tips on how to form a good singing voice + recommendations.


A good, confident, beautiful voice has a powerful influence.

When people like the voice, they listen to it more attentively.

Many people are obliged for the huge success to their gifted voices.

It is not less valuable and significant than the appearance, manners and the content of the information you deliver.

The article on how to have a good voice is sure to help you make your speaking and singing skills perfect.

How to have a good singing voice?

The sound depends on the several components:

  1. It depends on the structure and health of the organs of speech.

    The main diseases which prevent the normal development and professional use of the voice are:

    • Amygdala

      Big amygdala complicates the movement of the separate parts of the soft resonant body which damaged the articulation.

      The inflamed amygdala leads to the inflammations in the larynx (laryngitis) and trachea (tracheitis).

    • Adenoid vegetation

      Adenoid vegetation in the nasal pharynx leads to the chronic cold nose and always irritates by its emission the mucous coat of the lower levels of the respiratory channel (larynx, pharynx, trachea) and makes the voice more nasal and scrannel.

    • Teeth

      Ill carious teeth often become the reason for amygdala’s chronic diseases, they irritate the mucous coat of the pharynx and it eventually leads to the disorder in the voice function.

    • Glands of internal secretion

      Their hormones often have a huge impact on the processes of the formation, growth and development of the organism.

      The huge significance belongs to the pituitary body (hypophysis), thyroid, thymus and genital glands, and to the hormones of the atrabiliary capsules (adrenal) and pancreatic gland (insulin).

    In order to have a good voice, you should maintain the health of the upper respiratory channel:

    • You cannot get too cold.

      The cool down of the mucous coat of the larynx and pharynx leads to the vessel constriction, the larynx does not receive enough blood when working and as a result, the voice is getting strained.

    • You should not talk in the open air in the cold seasons, especially if you walk fast or after the performance when the mucous coat is the most sensitive to the cold.
    • You should not smoke because nicotine is very harmful to the vocal cords.

      Smoking causes irritation of the organs of speech and makes the voice rude and narrower in the gamut.

  2. The sound depends on the right breathing and correct vocal training.

    A person has two main resonant bodies:

    • The upper resonant body includes the mouth cavity, nose, and larynx.

      Due to them, a person is able to reach such voice qualities as sonority and the pitch of a voice.

    • The lower resonant body is the chest due to which a person is able to make his voice rich, soft and strong.

      Passing these resonant bodies, the voice starts to sound and gets a certain tone.

5 exercises, how to have a good voice

In order to discover how to have a good singing voice, every day you should do the following exercises:

  1. Take a dictating machine and read with a low, chest tone any texts, poems for half an hour.

    Moreover, you can express your thoughts, try to prove some arguments, record the conversation and then listen to it to correct yourself.

  2. Repeat various phrases in a quiet, loud voice, slowly and quickly, stressing different syllables and words.

    Try to find the tone which will sound the best possible way.

  3. Make an inhale and then pronounce every sound till you have enough air:


    This sound belongs to the highest pitch and because of this fact you should start the exercise with it.


    This sound influences the zones of a throat and neck.




    The sounds [a], [o], [u] positively influence your chest.

  4. Set the burning candle 10 cm away from you and blow on it so that the flame bent but did not blow out.
  5. Another way how to have a good voice is to remember the dogs in summer.

    You must open your mouth, push your tongue out and breathe with your belly.

How to Become a Better Singer?

The most significant task is to fix this optimal tone and study how to speak from the chest resonant body every day.

In order to do it, you must work hard and improve the skills of communication with the help of the chest tone.

As a rule, to form any skill you usually need 21 days.

4 respiratory exercises to have a good singing voice

You must know how to breathe properly and use it to master vocal training and singing activities.

In order to make your voice perfect, you must regularly do the following exercises:

  • Take a vertical position and put one hand on the lower part of the chest, while the other one on your belly.

    Inhale through the nose, bringing your belly a little forward and making your chest wide.

    Exhale through the mouth, returning your belly and chest to the usual position.

  • Make a short inhale through the nose and keep the air for 5 seconds.

    Then you should breathe out through the mouth as long as possible.

    Later, you may prolong the time you keep the air in.

  • Inhale through the mouth shortly and when you exhale, you do it gently pronouncing any vowel.

    To control the duration of exhaling you can use a metronome or knock the count with your foot.

  • Breathe in through the nose and when you breathe out you should count from 0 to 5, gradually increasing these numbers to 15-17.

    It’s extremely significant to watch the smoothness of exhaling.

7 tips, how to have a good voice

Almost all professional singers often have private teachers and singing classes but if you have no money to afford it, you are likely to find out how to have a good singing voice on your own from the article below.

  1. Before you begin singing, you should relax your vocal cords.

    Tense vocal cords will not let you reach the high note properly.

    Repeat “mam…mam…mam…” in several tones.

    Warm up for a couple of minutes.

  2. Learn and practice deep breathing and get used to breathing with your stomach (diaphragm) instead of the chest.

    Proper breathing will make your belly move instead of your ribs.

  3. Look through the lyrics before singing a song.

    Understand where you’ll need the pauses and intervals between the words.

    Try to breathe in these pauses when you sing.

    You must constantly practice in order to sing without tension and lack of air.

  4. Record your singing and listen to yourself avoiding prejudice.

    Do not lie or convince yourself you sound fine if it’s not true.

  5. Be persistent and increase the list of songs you know, the singing techniques you master, and the clearness and the power of your voice.

    Increase the confidence on the stage and never give up!

  6. Master the skills of presenting your art to the audience using the gestures with your arms (your hand on the chest, the wave of the hand).

    Express your emotions (for example, you should better send a note of sadness with your voice, when you sing sad songs).

  7. Practice singing 5 times a week for half an hour but do not sing too loud and long (your voice must rest).

    Moreover, you should drink much water to hydrate your organs of speech.

    You should not drink alcohol or something like that because liquids which contain lemon acid can cause irritation of the throat.

How to have a good singing voice following our recommendations

In order to have a good voice, you should save your vocal cords

  • Do not get cold;
  • Do not sing in the cold air;
  • Do not scream;
  • Do not smoke;
  • Do not talk too much.

    Your voice needs rest and you should spend in the complete silence at leas an hour twice a day.

If you dream of improving your voice, you should also avoid some products and drinks:

  • Chips;
  • Chocolate;
  • Cold ice-cream;
  • Spicy and hot meals (too low and too high temperatures lower the level of flexibility of the vocal cords);
  • Products with coloring pigments;
  • Fat and sweets (sugar and fat are sure to settle on the vocal cords).

Sticking to these recommendations and practicing regularly, you are sure to bring your dream to life and know how to have a good voice.

It will definitely sound so clearly and expressively like never before.

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