How to Do Your Homework Fast?

18 best tips on how to do your homework fast. Take on a note!


Many pupils find it impossible to do homework fast.

However, it’s quite possible to simplify the preparation for lessons and to reduce the time you must devote to it.

In order to do it you just need to stick to some rules.

So, let’s discover how to do your homework fast.

How to do your homework fast?

  1. Begin from making a schedule of your home tasks, so that you learned how to do your homework fast.

    It’s desirable that you devote some hours to the studies every day, but not just before going to school.

    If you divide the assignments more uniformly, you will find it much easier to work.Moreover, you should always consider the possibility that you will need more hours to do your homework than you expected.

    Leave the float time from half an hour to one hour.

    Manage to do everything in time, but keep in mind that this float time will be left.

    Let the length of time devoted to homework does not frighten you: as soon as you get used to working attentively and according to the plan, you’ll need less time than you think.

  2. Take into consideration different factors, which concern other duties and work, when you pick the time for doing homework.

    It’s not desirable to get down to homework as soon as you come home from school.

    You’d better spend some time resting, eating and distracting yourself from the studies.Another option of how you can rest is to walk in the streets and go in for sports a bit.

    If you are extremely tired, you should prefer passive rest.

    It’s time to read an interesting book or watch something on TV.

    However, you should not make too long breaks.

    The average time on rest after school should be an hour or an hour and a half.

    That’s quite enough to have good rest.

    Sometimes, pupils prefer to have a nap as soon as they come from school, but it’s not a good choice.

    This way you’ll only break your schedule. In addition, short term sleep is very harmful for your health.

    If you really require it, you should consult a doctor.

    The perfect option is to sleep enough at night, and you will probably have no wish to sleep after school.

  3. Remember that the basis of good work is the order in everything.

    After you make your schedule, always live according to it.

    Lest you forgot to start doing your homework in time, you can set the alarm clock.

    It will also come in handy to mark the periods of work, between which you should make short breaks, at least for 10 minutes.

    When you have much homework, you should not think how to do everything at once and save your time.

    You’ll still need the pauses to rest, and it’s advisable to do them every 35-50 minutes.

    Their frequency depends on the activity’s character: think about your condition.

    If the work is fragmentary (you do the tasks in physics or algebra), you will get tired fast, and you can rest every 35 minutes.

    When the task is easier, but requires more time to do it (for example, writing a composition), you could make a break every 50 minutes, though rest a bit longer too.

  4. In order to do your homework fast, you should keep in order all your things, school supplies, books and exercise books.

    Then you’ll have everything at hand and you won’t need to look long for the lost items or to start new exercise books.

    Pay attention that the atmosphere itself will shortly create your working mood, when everything is on its place.

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  5. Getting down to doing homework, take care about calm and quiet atmosphere beforehand.

    Nothing must bother you: turn off the TV, take aside your favorite books and magazines.You should also turn off your PC and phone.

    It will allow you to do your homework fast and correctly.

  6. Create the most comfortable conditions to do your homework fast.

    The table must be comfortable.

    Get rid of all inappropriate items from the table.

    Choose the most comfortable chair and pay attention to its height, which must correspond to your table.

    Try to sit straight and do not bend too close to the exercise books.

    If you bend, you’ll get tired fast in this position, because you overload your spine.

    You should not do your homework on the couch, lying, because it is harmful for your eyesight.

  7. Gradually create your own “knowledge database”.

    Make sure you save all your notes, exercise books, tests and writing works, workbooks.

    You will definitely need them.

    Even if you passed to the next form, you should not throw away all those papers: the topics will repeat, and many of them are closely connected to each other.

    Make some notes, when you learn something on your own.

    For example, if a certain topic or subject is too difficult for you, you may try to fill in the blanks: reread the theory, transcript the difficult parts and complete all practical tasks.

    All these materials are sure to help you to learn all information, to acquire the needed skills, and in the future you’ll be able to reproduce everything from your memory just by looking at those notes.

  8. Think how you can do your homework fast by placing the subjects in order.

    You may start from the simpler tasks, if it’s difficult to catch up on work and concentrate.

    If you get tired fast, you should firstly do more difficult tasks, and the simple ones will be left for later.

  9. Rational time management will teach you how to do your homework fast and how to concentrate and acquire the responsible attitude.

    Do not be distracted by other things – the time will pass fast.

    Do not lose attention – you’ll have to correct the mistakes.

How to do your homework fast: instruction

  1. Make a schedule and follow it.
  2. Have some rest after school.You can walk or simply sit at home.
  3. Keep in order all your things, books and exercise books, school supplies.
  4. Set the alarm clock, lest you skipped the time to do your homework.
  5. Focus and eliminate all factors, which can distract you: turn off TV, do not talk with your friends over the phone.
  6. Make short breaks between the tasks, lest you got overtired.
  7. Plan your day rationally: calculate in average how many hours you need on which subjects, take into consideration your school time-table and the level of preparation.

    Think what you can postpone and what you are able to do at weekends.

    Still, you’d better learn how to do the most of your homework as soon as you come home; you have fresh memories, because you have recently heard the teacher’s explanation of the new topic.

  8. Think what you should better start from: from the easier tasks or from the more difficult ones.
  9. Work without hurry in order to avoid making mistakes.
  10. When everything is done, make sure you check everything and look for the possible mistakes in order to correct them.

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Tips on how to do your homework fast


  • Wear comfortable clothes, so that you did not shift in chair or scratch your back – it will only distract you.
  • Try not to be distracted from doing your homework – this way you’ll save your valuable time.Learn how to concentrate.
  • Please yourself with a chocolate bar, another candy or with something else after completing homework.

    This is how you will do your homework fast.

  • Try to do all homework in time.
  • Do not leave doing homework for the later.
  • Start a diary and write there all the tasks and how fast you need to do them.

    Do not postpone them and remember you still have plenty of other things, which must be done.

    That’s why try to finish all homework in time.

  • Do not fall asleep.You can set the alarm clock for every 10 minutes.
  • Do not do your homework on the sofa – there is a huge risk you will fall asleep.

We hope that we helped you to figure out how to do your homework fast.

You simply need to do everything thoroughly, according to your schedule, adhering to the plan, making pauses and treating every task seriously (even if it seems simple).

Always check your works.

Then you will properly do your homework and you are sure to learn how to cope with it fast.

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