43 interesting facts you have never heard of

A list of interesting facts that you didn’t know or didn’t guess of. Read and impress your friends with new discoveries!


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Our world develops so fast that we can seldom be surprised with either scientific discoveries or scientific-and-technological advance.

But you will be glad to know that interesting facts, you’ve never heard of, still exist!

And believe me, in quantity.

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Interesting facts about nature

Our world is full of enigmas which, in the best case, will be unveiled by our great-grandchildren.

May the man call himself the crown of civilization, this world can keep secrets and never ceases to impress arrogant homo sapiens.

You don’t believe me? I am sure that these interesting facts will convince you of the opposite!

  1. Beer lovers, beware! Global warming can leave you without your favourite drink.
  2. Is Sahara in your opinion exclusively sand, heat, sun, and nothing else? I’ll disappoint you! It can snow even here, and it really did on the 18th of February in 1979.
  3. Venus is a true rebel. It prefers revolving counterclockwise.
  4. For some reasons rainy clouds don’t wish to move in the South-West direction.
  5. Nature can create two identical snowflakes though it had been previously considered impossible. The artifacts are kept in a fridge of the Smithsonian University (Washington, Columbia, USA).

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Interesting facts about humans

Of course, all of us studied anatomy. At least approximately we know how we are built and how we function.

I thought so too until I learnt the secrets beneath the usual.

  1. Human DNA is almost identical to that of the lettuce. Or at least 30 % identical.
  2. High altitudes accelerate hair growth. But when flying on a plane, you have your hair grow two times faster.
  3. Try to sneeze with your eyes open. You couldn’t do it? Frankly, no-one can.
  4. Blue-eyed people, I feel sorry for you. You all are more sensitive to pain.
  5. In spring infants grow most intensively.
  6. Scared people have better eyesight.
  7. Never gnaw pens! Yearly, a hundred people die because of that.
  8. Can you lick your elbow? No, you can’t. This is anatomically impossible.
  9. Nose grows during all our life. But why not breasts, for instance?
  10. Most readers of this text tried to reach their elbow with their tongue. Did you?
  11. Poor back side of the human knee. It doesn’t have any name in many languages including English as well.
  12. A man can be distinguished not only by his fingerprints, but also by his tongue print.
  13. This fact really scared me. The number of various organisms in the world prevails over us, humans.
  14. Every hair is a real “strongman”. It can hold about 3000 grams.
  15. If one nostril doesn’t breathe for 72 hours, we stop discerning colours. Let it breathe as usual again, and our colour-discerning function comes back.

Interesting facts about animals and plants

I don’t know whether you like it, but I love observing various unusual animals, amazingly beautiful landscapes, or admire the vital strength of the plants.

Life of animals and plants is also full of interesting things.

  1. We know that bees are the examples of industriousness. But they are also terrifically smart. They can count at least to four.
  2. The joke “I need my head because I eat with it” isn’t actually a joke. A cockroach can easily live without it. It dies not because of losing such a vital organ, but because of further inability to eat. To put it simpler – of hunger.
  3. Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries. But why are they so incredibly sour?
  4. All idlers want to be cats, because these animals sleep 70 % of their lives.
  5. Sharks! Never swim with your bellies up, otherwise you will lapse into a coma.
  6. A snail can sleep as long as 3 years.

Weird, but really interesting facts

«Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.»
Mahatma Gandhi

This category includes the discoveries that impress with their stupidity, but don’t seem less interesting because of that.

  1. An experiment for patient idlers: if you shout at a glass of water, in 80 years it’ll boil.
  2. When a child, Bill Gates had a weird nickname – “con”. He hated it so much that deprived all Windows users of such name for their folders.
  3. Actually, “Coca-Cola” is green. It is deliberately darkened with a colouring agent. What for?
  4. Tuesday is the favourite time for all burglars. They usually get to their mischievous work on this day of the week.
  5. “OK” won the contest of the most popular words in the world.
  6. Publishers of England, please, release enough copies of “Guinness Records Book”! Librarians complain it is stolen more often than others.
  7. In Sienna, Italy, women named Maria can’t be prostitutes.
  8. In Las-Vegas casino you won’t find a single clock; probably you will only see visitors’ wristwatches.
  9. It doesn’t matter how big your sheet of paper is – you can’t double it more than 7 times.
  10. “American Airlines” managed to save 40 thousand dollars taking one olive out of each first-class passenger’s salad.
  11. If we collect all pizzas Americans eat each year, we will plant 18 hectares of land. What a harvest!
  12. A roulette’s numbers’ sum is the devil’s number – 666.

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Interesting facts about art

I suppose you will never consider art boring after these facts:

  1. It was terribly expensive to build “Titanic”. But even more millions were spent on the movie about it.
  2. “Chupa-Chups” are an incredibly cool candy. Salvador Dali himself is the author of its logo.
  3. Once, when Charlie Chaplin became as popular as never before, a contest of his look-alikes took place. Chaplin decided to participate. For fun. And became the bronze winner.
  4. A thirteen-year-old teenager won the contest “Create your flag of Alaska”. His project is still in use.
  5. “Coca-Cola” company had to make an extra effort to start selling its products in China. The Chinese pronounced its name as “Kakukella” (meaning, “bite the tadpole made of wax”). No wonder people hesitated whether to buy the drink or not. After 40 thousand variants were rejected, “happiness in the mouth”, or “Cocu Cole”, won.

How many interesting facts did you know from this list?

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