How to Strengthen Vocal Cords: 6 Homemade Receipts

How to strengthen vocal cords: 4 respiratory exercises + 6 homemade receipts + 5 useful ways how to strengthen vocal cords.


The person’s voice is the main way how we communicate with other people.

That’s why its loss brings many inconveniences and problems.

Read our article to discover more on how to strengthen vocal cords.

Why do you need to strengthen vocal cords and how can you lose your voice?

There may be various reasons why people lose their voices.

In general, many people often suffer from hoarseness when their profession is tightly connected to the constant load on the vocal cords – spokesmen, teachers, singers, and actors.

Their job makes them force the vocal cords and it leads to the disruption of their activities.

However, aside from the professional disorders, a person may lose his voice because of some other reasons.

What can deprive you of your voice?

  • The inflammation processes in the larynx caused by the viral or bacterial infections;
  • The allergic reaction to the provoking triggers, such as staying in the dusty room, the animal’s fur, working on the harmful manufacturing;
  • The growth in the larynx and closely located anatomic structures as a result of which the vocal cords are pressed;
  • The presence of the polyps or nodes.

Relying on the reason that triggered the development of the pathology, the doctor is sure to decide how to begin the treatment.

Exercises on how to strengthen vocal cords

  1. Lie down, make a deep breath and when breathing out slowly pronounce the sounds [s], [z], and [sh].

    It’s important that the pronunciation was slow and long.

  2. The same practice can be done with sound [m] but you must be certain you pronounce it evenly and preserve the chest tone within the whole practice.
  3. Make a deep inhale and pronounce the sounds [a-a-a-o-o-o-u-u-u] beating yourself a little on the chest.
  4. When you beat your upper lip a little, you should pronounce the long syllable [by-by-by].
  5. Beating your lower lip, you must pronounce the syllable [vy-vy-vy].
  6. Do some exercises and singing warm-ups.

    Sing on one note the syllables [ma-mi-mo-mi-ma] or [da-de-di-do-du].

  7. Increasing the octave, you should pronounce the syllables [le] and [lia] rotating them.
  8. Imagine that you are gargling and you must say the same sound as during this procedure but do not throw your head back and just move it from side to side.

Respiratory gymnastics which shows how to strengthen vocal cords

4 respiratory exercises to strengthen vocal cords:

  1. Breathe through the nose in three sets dividing the air on three small exhales.
  2. You should light a candle and when staying 10 cm away from it, you need to blow as if you are trying to snuff it out but the flame should only bend (and do not go out).
  3. Breathe like a dog.

    Remember how the dog puts the tongue out and how frequently and erratically it breathes when it’s thirsty or too hot.

    You should do the same trying to replicate the animal’s behavior.

  4. The deep inhale through the nose and then noisy and whistling (in turns) exhale through the mouth.

Each of the described practices must be done at least 10 times.

Useful pieces of advice on how to strengthen vocal cords doing the exercises

Before you start your gymnastics, you must be ready for the proper work.

In order to get ready, you’ll need to stick to the following rules:

  1. All exercises must be done in front of the mirror and only in good mood.
  2. So that the result was steady and your voice remained cheerful and good all the time, the gymnastics must become the part of the singing warm-up while the tongue twisters and complicated words will turn into a daily drudgery.
  3. At the very beginning, you should do the gymnastics with the professional because the wrong performance of this or that exercise can not only be ineffective but bring much harm in strengthening the voice.
  4. The regular exercises are useful not only for the functioning of the vocal cords but for the face mimics, too.

    The systematic performance is sure to improve the condition of the face skin and eliminate some mimic wrinkles.

  5. In order to get a better effect, you should combine the singing warm-ups, respiratory exercises, and acupressure.
  6. When you do these renewing procedures, you should stick to a certain dietary regime.

    You must exclude the spicy, salty, and sour food as well as too hot and too cold meals.

    All of them irritate the vocal cords and lead to the deterioration of your state.

  7. You should not do the gymnastics and sing warm-ups before going to bed.

How to strengthen vocal cords using homemade remedies?

In addition to the gymnastics, you may use some safe home methods which many singers use before their concerts.

6 homemade receipts to strengthen vocal cords:

  1. Rub the egg yolk with sugar and add a piece of butter.

    Such a tasty remedy will become a coat for your throat and soothe the mucous membrane of larynx and vocal cords.

  2. Add to the raw egg yolk 30 g of cognac and a spoon of honey.

    Take one spoon of this mixture each hour.

  3. Add the mineral alkaline water to the very warm milk in the proportion 2:1 and drink warm with small gulps all day long.
  4. Warm the beer and add honey.

    Drink one glass (200 ml) with small gulps within an hour.

  5. Make the anise infusion and gargle your throat or drink like a tea.
  6. Mix the warm water with a tablespoon of cognac and honey and 1/3 of the spoon with butter.

    After it, you must beat up to the foam the egg white and add it to the received mixture.

    Drink it for the night through the straw.

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What is harmful to the vocal cords?

  1. It is forbidden to drink everything that contains caffeine – coffee, tea, cola – because they dehydrate the organism.
  2. You cannot smoke because the smoke irritates and dries the throat even more.

    Even passive smoking leads to irritation and inflammation of the larynx which slows down the process of recovery.

  3. You are forbidden to drink alcohol because it dehydrates the organism and worsens the illness.
  4. Avoid places with dust, smog, cold air and other possible irritants.
  5. You cannot use the vasoconstrictor agents and countercurrent remedies because they dry the vocal cords.
  6. Aspirin is also banned, especially if the loss of the voice happened after the loud screams.

    Perhaps, the capillary in the mucous coat of the vocal cords was damaged.

    Aspirin might lower the blood clotting abilities and become the reason for the bleeding.

  7. You may not eat food that contains much acid – tomatoes, chocolate, citrus (lemon juice in combination with honey is the only exception).
  8. The loss of the voice might be triggered by more serious conditions such as cancer of the organs of speech.

    In case all the measures mentioned above do not help to renew the voice and get rid of hoarseness, you should definitely turn to a doctor.

What is useful for vocal cords: 5 useful remedies

  1. A raw egg is a rather old method which was used even in Grand Opera.

    In order to learn how to strengthen vocal cords before singing, the singers used to drink several raw eggs.

  2. Chamomile infusion is very favorable for the renewal of vocal cords.

    Phoniatrics often advise their clients to drink chamomile infusions.

    The useful components of the plant allow killing all inflammations and strengthening the organs of speech.

  3. Warmth is especially useful for vocal cords.

    Simple dry warmth.

    If you feel discomfort, you can easily put on a warm scarf.

  4. Exercises.

    Speaking about the strength of vocal cords, a person is able to develop it using special exercises.

    It is very useful, especially for the spokesmen or signers who just started their career.

    All exercises are done every day according to a certain system which only a professional is able to arrange.

  5. Inhalation.

    The herbs of chamomile, mint and sage are poured with boiling water and a person must breathe with the steam being under the plaid blanket.

    The inhale is made through the nose, the exhale – though the mouth.

    The longer you do the procedure the faster you’ll achieve the positive effect.

How to strengthen vocal cords?

If the problem is not connected to the professional activity, the loss of the voice might be a sign of different pathologies, including very serious ones.

That’s why you should not do self-treatment but turn to a doctor.

During the consultation, he’ll prescribe the required and proper course of treatment.

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