How to Become a Better Singer?

You like singing and want to find out how to become a better singer, don’t you? Here are some useful recommendations, which are sure to help you in your career of a singer.


Many people dream of becoming a singer.

Such people often wonder how to become a better singer, and this question is literally the one that determines their happy future.

For some people this is rather easy, if they have talent and huge desire to achieve results in singing.

For others – this is a long thorny path, and most people, who face hardships and obstacles, give up and hide their dream deep in their souls.

Those people achieve results, who are ready to work hard, who understand that the ability to sing won’t come momentarily and one has to make efforts and spend more than a year of his life to fulfill the dream.

How to become a better singer: listen to your voice

  1. Focus most of your attention on the breathing.

    The ability to breathe correctly is the most important part in learning how to sing.

    Make sure you have enough air to roll out every word.

    • Breathe with your stomach, but not with your chest.This is likely to make sound better and allow you controlling your voice better.

      In order to understand that you breathe correctly, put your hand on the stomach.

      If you do everything right, it will become bigger during inhales.

    • Spend a couple of minutes every day to practice breathing with your stomach.You may do it both sitting and lying.

      Every time you must be sure your stomach becomes bigger with every deep inhale.

  2. Learn how to keep your posture.

    Most voice instructors think that in order to achieve better sound singers should sing standing, but not sitting.

    You must also stick to the following rules:

    • Lower your lower jaw and keep the tongue in the front part of your mouth, trying not to strain it.
    • Relax your shoulders.
    • Raise your upper jaw, as if you were trying to yawn.It is sure to open larynx and let more air come through it.
  3. Warm up before you sing.

    Singing itself is not a warm-up, because you mostly focus all your attention not on the techniques and warming-up, but on the attempts to sound good.

    A warm-up is likely to make your sound better and to widen the available range.

    • Mind that during the warm-up you do not need to sing beautifully.

      Almost all warming-up songs sound silly and unpleasant, even if you have a wonderful voice.

      Find a solitary place to warm up, lest you bothered the people around.

    • Make sure that you work with the high-pitched and deep voices while warming up.

      The high-pitched voice sounds more sonorous and easy than the deep voice, which sounds harder and louder.

      If you want to find your high-pitched voice, you can imitate opera singer.

      Deep voice is closer to the range you usually talk in.

  4. Learn how to differentiate the sound’s height.

    You’d better do it reproducing note by note together with a piano or a synthesizer.

    • Push on a pushbutton and repeat its sound with your voice.Do it with every musical note: C, C-sharp, D, D-sharp, E, F, F-sharp, G, G-sharp, A, A-sharp, B.
    • Every black pushbutton means a sound, which is half tone higher than on the pushbutton located to the left from it.

      This increase in half tone is marked by adding “sharp” to the previous note.

      Between E and F there is no black pushbutton, because the difference between them is not one tone, but half tone.

  5. Practice singing every day.

    The more you practice the better and stronger your voice becomes.

    Regardless everyone has his own natural range of voice, in which he is able to perform, you can eventually broaden the limits of this range thanks to the regular and often practice and different exercises.

How to become a better singer: save your voice

  1. Drink enough water.

    Regardless of the fact how good you are as a singer, when you are dehydrated, you sound worse.
    You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

    • Before singing do not drink alcohol or liquids that contain caffeine, because they dehydrate you.
    • Drink green tea: it makes your vocal cords softer after singing for long.
  2. Moreover, before you perform as a singer you should not eat sweet or milk products.

    Yogurts, cheese and ice-cream create too much mucus in the throat, which makes singing more difficult.

  3. Do not smoke.

    Smoking ruins your lungs, preventing you from breathing correctly during songs.

    It also dries your throat, which influences on the sound, too.

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  4. Do respiration exercises as often as possible.

    Even if you have no time to have a complete warm-up or a singing class, you should practice breathing with your stomach every day.

    Your voice will definitely become better in the long-term perspective.

  5. Do not overstrain your voice and do not binge with it.

    Singing too loud, too high or too long may damage your vocal cords.

    Do not scream during songs, it will only make it worse.

    Sing at the same level as if you were talking to someone.

    Stop singing if you feel discomfort, pain or if you start wheezing.

6 Tips on how to become a better singer

  • Learn the basics of the vocal art.

    No matter how obvious it seems, in order to become a better singer you must learn how to sing, for example, because it’s not that easy to learn how to sing with your diaphragm.

    To start learning how to sing is only the first step, which you must do.

    The most important here is that you should not be lazy in such situation.

    Nevertheless, there are singers, who never learned how to sing according to a standard program, but they are not worse than professional singers.

    These people are very rare and they are talented from nature, you should not forget about it.

    Still, most people consider singing lessons to be work, really hard work.

  • Watch how professional singers do it.

    You might learn a lot of new things.

    Watch very attentively after their techniques, style, etc.

    Where have they learned to sing this way?

    Who taught them the basics?

    What exactly have they done to achieve such results?

    Answers to all these questions are sure to help you, firstly, to avoid many mistakes, which most beginners have and, secondly, to discover many useful and new facts, which many come in handy in the future.

  • Take practical vocal lessons.

    Some people, who want to know how to become a better singer, think that they are able to learn everything on their own.

    Such people are sure that lessons with professionals won’t give them anything.

    Another motivation to refuse lessons with professional teachers is the possibility to save money on such courses.

    Surely, you won’t probably find a good teacher, who will work with you for free.

    Moreover, you can learn how to do few easy exercises for singers on your own with the help of books.

    For instance, respiratory exercises.

    Nevertheless, if you have financial opportunities and can afford individual classes – do not neglect them, because, actually people, who have proclivity for singing, can do a lot of irrevocable harm to themselves and their sound by doing exercises on their own and doing them wrong.

    Only classical lessons of pop vocalism can help you to avoid such bad consequences.

  • Become self-confident in order to become a better singer.

    Very often singers, who have just started their careers, having faced the necessity to perform in front of the audience for the first time, forget everything they were taught.

    Even if you have plenty of practice and learned everything perfectly, facing the public you may quickly get a panic attack.

    It may lead to forgetting lyrics during the song.

    The best way to eliminate such problem is to start singing in front of people as soon as possible.

    It may happen on holidays, on the karaoke, on some family holidays, for example, you might present a Christmas carol to your family or a wedding song on the friend’s wedding.

    You may simply present your songs to the acquaintances and close people: mother, father, sister, etc.

    As soon as you have some experience of singing to your relatives and close people, you are sure to become more self-confident.

  • Find your own style.

    Many people start singing only because they want to sing like their idols do.

    Such people imitate the style and manner of singing of a definite singer.

    Consequently, one of the components of your success is creating your own style of singing without imitations of whomever.

    For example, you might be keen on ethnic music, because it becomes more and more popular every day.

  • Work hard to become a better singer.

    Sometimes, it’s not so important how talented a person is, but how much he wants to become a good singer, how big his ambitions and financial opportunities are – none of it will bring results until this person starts working hard and regularly improve himself and his sound.

    Look for the possibilities to practice, train, sing in pubs and restaurants, do not neglect singing competitions and record your songs – work on yourself and do not sit idle!

    Who knows, maybe you’ll achieve popularity and recognition very soon and you might even shoot your first music video.

If you want to know how to become a better singer, you should simply follow these rules.

Actually, nobody demands impossible things from you.

The only thing you must do is to constantly make yourself better, and change your voice, style and the manner of singing for the better.

Luck is sure to praise you and you might be even still unready for it!

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