What books to read to become smarter?

The best tips for choosing what books to read and how to ultimately benefit from this reading!


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And as for today, we are going to discuss what books to read and how useful reading is in whole.

Someone will doubt this, “Reading is useful? Come on!”

Frankly, I am always surprised when I hear people say without a hint of shame, “I don’t like reading, it’s boring.

A movie or a game would be much more fun”. Upon hearing this, I just want to caress them on the head, treat them with a piece of candy, and sincerely wish Mother Nature had given them more brains.

Unfortunately, I meet these cave men here and there.

Once I even dated a pithecanthropus like that!

And really, please, no rebuking.

How could I know of his flaw if I have just agreed for a cup of coffee? He looked quite decent, you know.

As the first rendezvous is always a bit awkward and uncertain, I decided to fill in a pause with a naïve question, “What book are you reading now?”

A poor guy’s eyes widened and, staring at me, he responded confidently and even proudly, “What’s the use of reading books? I don’t waste my time on such trash!”

I was kind of embarrassed, but courageously waited till my unlucky date ended.

However, leaving, I asked him not to call me anymore.

Why don’t people realize that reading is tremendously useful?

“To become clever, you need to read a dozen of books, but to find them, you need to read thousands”.

Although our modern world offers us a huge amount of various entertainments – movies, Internet, amusements at malls, television (oh, blast it!) – we mustn’t betray our good old books.

Remember how hard it was for our parents to get quality literature: they traded waste paper for these volumes and stood in huge lines.

And what do their offsprings do? Turn these carefully collected treasures back to waste paper?

Why are so many young people unwilling to hear their parents, teachers, psychologists, and simply successful people who keep telling them that reading books is vital for brains if, of course, they don’t want an untimely death?

To me it’s really scary when quite intelligent people kill any opportunities of success because of their reluctance to read!

Why is reading useful?

I found 10 very reasonable grounds for that. After you’ve known them, you will fall in love with books. Otherwise what are you doing on this site?

So, reading can…

  1. …improve your memory and attentiveness.

    If you experience any problems in this area, then always read at least 10 pages before going to bed.

  2. …expand your outlook.

    People who don’t read are shallow and primitive thinkers.

    Their knowledge is so poor that even my Mom’s dog could probably outdo them.

    Books will fill you with so many things that you’ll become an ocean.

    You won’t have any chance to be shallow.

  3. …make any person a good company.

    Can you remember the first conversation with your new girlfriend?

    Or did you take her to the movies to avoid any conversations? You see.

    And in case you read more, you could have played a trump with an exciting story.

    Or won her with bright quotes from your journal.

    After this your fairy lady would have certainly fallen in love with you!

  4. …enrich your vocabulary.

    Many young people have a vocabulary poor by default and keep littering it with silly clichés from stupid Hollywood movies, “Hasta la vista, baby!” Phew!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please, read books to express your thoughts clearly.

  5. …save you from stress and brain diseases.

    Yes, it’s true! The scientists have proved that those who read every day suffer from stress, depressions, and Alzheimer’s much less.

  6. …improve your chances for success.

    Trust me, books are better teachers than many evil old bags at school pointing at you from their whiteboards.

    If you make an effort, books will give you answers to any questions you ask, a piece of advice you need, guidelines for success you seek and so on.

  7. …kill your free time both with pleasure and use.

    Can you tell me the same about TV? (Well, maybe, a channel like “National Geographic” could be an exception).

  8. shape you as a personality.

    A famous French writer Jule Renard considered that people reading books will never imitate others.

  9. …teach you to think.

    A clever author doesn’t simply describe actions.

    He encourages his reader to think, analyze, foresee further course of events, finish the story in his head etc.

  10. …give you tons of inspiring ideas for life, love, creativity, office and homework, and many other things!

How to read faster?

What books will make you smarter?

Of course, not every book can train your brain.

Some of them, like low quality paperbacks with romance novels and gangster detective stories, can hardly be called books.

To be smart and intelligent, read:

  1. Books on psychology.

    Don’t overload yourself with theory volumes.

    Many contemporary professionals make their writings clear and easy for understanding. Even for dummies.

  2. Memoires and correspondence between famous people.

    First of all, it’s tremendously exciting.

    Secondly, it’ll help you see your idols as usual people and learn from their experience of mistakes.

  3. Biographies and autobiographies of those who managed to achieve great heights.

    Most of these writings are full of useful advice.

    Just read and use this knowledge.

  4. Classical works.

    Please don’t start, “A read it at school, it’s boring”. Children simply can’t understand all the depth of the world’s classics.

    As adults, we have a different look at the characters and plots we knew.

  5. Scientific literature.

    Once again, don’t grasp monographs of famous scholars, you won’t understand them anyway.

    Fortunately, some writers describe scientific discoveries in a very captivating manner.

  6. Modern fiction.

    It’s always interesting to know how modern writers see the world.

  7. Reference editions where you can find answers to any questions.

Hopefully, now you know what books to read and won’t ever waste your precious time on low quality writings!

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