How to Find Out if Someone is on Dating Sites?

How to find someone on dating sites using 11 different ways + 6 reasons why husband cheat + how to act further?


It’s extremely easy to find someone on the Internet, especially nowadays.

There have been developed plenty of various websites and social networks both general and specific.

They provide people with plenty of possibilities for communication with interesting people.

There is a chance to find like-minded people in a certain sphere of activity.

That’s why it’s not very difficult to find someone on dating sites.

Read our article on how to find someone on dating sites.

What the dating sites are?

A dating site is a service which provides its users with a possibility to find a partner for relationships on their own.

A modern dating site is a service which allows finding a partner taking into account the match by the sociological and external features and general interests.

All dating sites have a unique inner system of search: you send the required data (age, place of living, interests, etc.) and you are going to discover someone with the similar hobbies and goals fast.

This search made the dating websites extremely popular.

How to find out if someone is on dating sites?

6 reasons why married men sign up for such websites:

  1. Curiosity.

    Men who spent much time on the dating sites find it difficult to stop visiting them in the first years of the family life.

    Many men are simply curious to look at other women who are registered on the websites and what they write in their profiles.

    Some time later a man is involved in a family life more and more, his hobbies change and such websites are not interesting anymore.

  2. The desire to vary his life with the new impressions.

    Signing up for a dating site a man might be looking for the possibilities to get rid of the marriage routine and get the new experience.

    In other words, he is there because he is bored and is eager to experience some excitement.

    He does not have any intention to act.

  3. The desire to have more personal space.

    The thing is that not all our needs can be satisfied in marriage.

    A bright example may be the need to communicate with friends or someone’s self-realization.

    As a rule, in those relationships where a wife does not allow her husband communicating with his friends or doing his favorite hobby, he starts looking for other methods how to find some contacts on the Internet and have some freedom.

    That’s why you must not limit the social contacts of your man but let him have his friends who do not cross paths with your circle of communication.

  4. The wish to satisfy the emotional and sexual needs.

    There are men whose leading need is to contact different people.

    The thing is that during sexual interactions, embraces, and positive interactions the brain produces the oxytocin hormone.

    It maintains the monogamy within the marriage.

    Husbands who lack sexual interactions, embraces, positive communication may use dating sites to learn how to satisfy their emotional and sexual needs.

  5. The desire to decrease the level of responsibility in the family obligations.

    Actually, some men are psychologically not mature enough to have family relations and obligations.

    Though they got married due to certain reasons, they have the burden of responsibility and obligations to remain loyal.

    In order to decrease the level of responsibility, they need some new acquaintances with women.

  6. The ambition to increase self-esteem by the attention from women on dating sites.

    Very often the main reason which makes men sign up for the dating site is the possibility to boost their self-esteem, make sure they are attractive and popular among the opposite sex.

    The dating sites are the places where they can know it for sure and get the attention from women.

How to see if someone is on a dating site using 6 simple ways?

  1. How to find someone on a dating site?

    Firstly, you should sign up on one of them.

    For this, you’ll need to create login and password.

    As soon as you are authorized, you should fill in the personal data (your profile).

    It’s also advised to browse your personal photo which will ease the search for your future acquaintances.

  2. If you need to find someone specific on the website (your former classmate, friend, etc.), perhaps you may try to search according to the criteria:

    • The date of birth;
    • The name and surname;
    • The year of graduation from any educational establishment;
    • The place of living;
    • The sex;
    • The place of work.

    Pick the person you are looking for from the search result.

    In order to do it, you can not only rely on the personal information but on the photo of his profile, too.

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  3. If the search on the definite websites does not give you the result, you can use different searching systems.

    Enter the email address or the nickname of a person and the searching engine is likely to show you his messages or profiles on various networks.

  4. Go to a dating site and in case you know his email or login, you are able to send the request to restore the password.

    If there is a message that the link to change password is sent, it’s quite possible that a person is really registered on that website.

  5. If you have access to the user’s computer, you can simply look at the browsing history in the browser he uses the most.
  6. Just ask and if the person does not respond, his reaction will tell you the truth.

    It is sure to let you know whether your suspicion has some ground and whether he really visits such networks.

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How to see if someone is on a dating site using 5 quick methods?

  1. Take a look at the person’s mailbox.

    It is sure to contain some messages from the websites where he has his own profiles.

    Besides, you can use a searching bar and type in it “confirmation of registration”.

    If there are such letters, you will definitely see all of them on one page.

  2. Many networks have the rule to register people only using their real names.

    Enter his name and surname in the searching bar.

    If it’s not too widespread, it might be quite enough to see which resources have his data.

  3. In order to narrow down the searching results, you can add his date of birth.

    It is likely to help you find the information about the registration.

  4. Remember which nickname he usually uses.

    Enter this nickname in the searching bar and see what happens.

    The list of the websites can be rather big.

  5. Enter the IP-address in the searching system and you are sure to find several websites on which this person left messages.

    You can learn the IP from the provider.

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How to find out what dating sites someone is on and what to do if you found your husband there?

The worst thing you can do is to:

  1. Pretend nothing happened.
  2. Start a cunning play with your husband creating the fake profile.

Actually, neither option will make you feel better.

If you are able to discuss your physical and emotional needs with your husband calmly and without offenses, there will always be hope to fix the situation.

Having analyzed the reasons mentioned in this article, you should calmly talk to your second half and discuss the problems which made him sign up on such websites.

It does not matter how you found him there.

The most important thing is that you discovered this fact and your task is to understand what is actually going on between you two.

Very often the reason for such behavior is in his character, inner contradictions and conflicts.

However, your own behavior might have encouraged these actions, too.

How to find someone on dating sites?

There are plenty of ways how to do it but you must always remember that any crisis in a marriage is a two-edged sword.

You may improve your relationships and become closer or make a step towards the future divorce.

Only you can choose which way is better for you.

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