How to Be Affectionate?

14 tips on how to be affectionate in order to attract people and preserve good relationships with the close ones.


Women often have to put on their fragile shoulders family life, career, manoeuvre between the life hardships and still stay beautiful, feminine and sensitive.

The truth is that to do it in the intense fuss of everyday life is extremely difficult. Sensitiveness and softness are pushed to the sidelines, leaving strong character and cold feelings instead.

Being affectionate and tender is beyond all doubt an advantage for every woman, just as well as manliness and strength – for every man. Do not pick somebody else’s part and carry it on alone. Be the real lady and let yourself relax and accord a right to act to men.

So, let’s try to figure out how to be affectionate in the modern world and learn how to become this kind of women.

What does it mean to be affectionate?

“To be affectionate” are not just pleasant words to close people. They unite several components, such as appearance, deeds and woman’s worldview.

An affectionate lady, who saved feminine, even being “a grey mouse” without outstanding appearance is able to win a man’s heart over.

Chiefly, nobody likes self-seeking bitches and haughty women with cold faces.

Besides, it’s the women’s care that usually holds the family: a woman would hug and comfort; she would calm and bring hope; she would warm and care. Without all of it the households will definitely feel useless, lonely and unfortunate.

Affectionateness is not only words and endearing treatment.

It’s also deeds, touches, looks. You can hug a person or smile so sincerely that the words aren’t needed at all.

14 useful pieces of advice that show how to become affectionate

  1. Release all locks.

    Solving problems with the expression of your feelings you are most likely to face the internal units, which will make all your attempts to show affectionateness look clumsy.

    If you didn’t get enough affectionateness in childhood and your parents didn’t find it necessary to show how they care and love each other, you’ll copy their behavior, whether you want it or not.

  2. Care about the appearance and add some feminine clothes to your wardrobe.

    Do not forget to regularly see the hairdresser, do manicure, wear skirts, heels and finish your image with some nice things and accessories: bijouterie, gloves, an attractive hairpin – everything must make your image feminine and light. Remember about the perfumes, too.

    A girl, who finds time to care about herself, is sure to find time to learn how to be affectionate.

    Come to the mirror more often and remember that you are a lady, a wonderful and affecting creature.

  3. Forget about your problems at least for some time.

    Let yourself (even make yourself) relax and forget all the problems, when you are together with your boyfriend.

    You must feel as if you are under his wing. Always ask his advice and help.

    If you have no boyfriend yet, turn for protection to your father, brother, friend. You must feel as safely as behind a stone wall at least from time to time.

  4. Do not ignore the partner.

    Express love and care toward your man more often.

    Be lavish with kind and affectionate words, as the harsh vocabulary and raised tone aren’t for women. Besides, stop giving commands.

  5. Be more sociable.

    Be easy to get in touch with and do not be afraid of people.

    Imagine someone close and dear on their place.

    Smile, trust people and try to see more of the good than bad in them.

  6. Watch your everyday vocabulary.

    Your everyday vocabulary shows the level of your culture, good breeding and scholarship.
    Lustful and abusive words as well as shrill shouting tone of the conversation won’t suit a girl with good manners.

    Let your voice sound tender, affectionate and lovely or even a bit flirting, but definitely not manly rude.

  7. Pay attention how you move.

    An affectionate lady doesn’t march across the flat and throw her arms about. However, she shouldn’t languishingly pet her hands or hair either.

    Be more natural, smooth and calm in your movements. Dances, yoga and strip dance will teach you this.

  8. Do not do too heavy physical labour.

    Remember that you are a woman and heavy physical labour is a men’s duty.

    Don’t carry weights on your own and don’t do men’s job, ask for help when needed. Take care of your health.

  9. Get a pet and care about it.

    If you do not have a partner yet, get yourself a puppy or a kitten.
    Defencelessness and tenderness of these creatures will evoke plenty of soft and affectionate feelings.

    Take good care about your pet and you’ll feel how gentle you became to the surrounding world.

  10. Calm down as soon as you get irritated.

    You start screaming, brawling and sometimes even hurt others by saying rude words.

    Count up to 10 and look in the mirror – disheveled, with red face and bulging eyes.

    Surely, there are some situations when you don’t care about your appearance, but after this scene your households won’t probably expect your affectionate and warm behavior.

  11. Let a man court you.

    If you want a man to court you, just let him do it.

    Do not hurry to put on a coat, wait until a gentleman offers a hand getting out of the car.

    A man must feel that his help is needed and pleasant.

  12. Present gifts to the close people.

    If you need reasons to kiss the loved ones on the cheek, create them on your own.

    For example, do some unpretentious presents to thank for having such a man/ child in your life.

    It’s a demonstration of tenderness by itself.

  13. Spend time with friends.

    To maintain femininity you must communicate with women.

    A girl who doesn’t have girlfriends looks a bit weird, like not real, and as a result is unaffectionate in the guys’ eyes.

  14. Be kind.

    How can one learn to be kind? Maybe, there is no way to do it.

    However, you can watch your tongue, don’t be rude to the acquaintances and, needless to say, never use bad language.

How to become a woman?

Actions and habit which are sure to help you to become affectionate

Working on becoming feminine and affectionate, by all means try to take into account the mistakes, peculiar to most iron ladies, who are far from being tender and affectionate.

According to the psychological researches the most UNfeminine actions and qualities, which won’t help to show affectionateness to the surrounding people, are:

  • smoking and excessive use of alcohol;
  • wearing coarse and untidy clothes;
  • obstinacy;
  • gloomy and displeased face, the absence of a smile;
  • inability to listen to the interlocutor;
  • lack of tact.

If you really want to be feminine and affectionate to others, try to avoid these mistakes, which can’t be forgiven.

One wrong move and your image will be hopelessly spoiled. Unfortunately, bad things are more memorable.

Now you know how to be affectionate.

The key to the success is in the everyday usage and step-by-step implementation.

At first, it may seem difficult to overcome your blockages, but when you start enjoying affectionateness, you’ll get over the illness.

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