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How to Straighten Hair without Damage: 5 Products + 3 Receipts

How to straighten hair without damaging it? Read about the simple and accessible ways how to straighten your curly hair without heat damage.


Most methods to straighten curly hair damage it very much, especially by the heat.

Still, there are many ways how to straighten hair without damage which do not only straighten curly and wavy locks but also make it healthier.

How to straighten hair without damaging it using a hairdryer?

Using a hairdryer is surely a thermal method, but it brings less damage than a straightener.

You achieve the effect of straight hair by directing the heat upside-down on the wet locks, which are made straight by a big round hairbrush.

The advantages of such straightening:

  • Little money investments to purchase additional styling products.
  • Causes less heat damage than a flat iron.

The disadvantages of such straightening:

  • You should have much skills and experience to gain the effect fast.
  • The effect of being straight disappears very soon.
  • The process takes more than 20 minutes.

How to straighten hair without heat damage at home?

If you wish to have straight hair without damaging its structure, you may cook some homemade receipts, which are likely to help you straighten curly hair naturally without heat.

The required ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen but you should mind that the homemade remedies cannot be applied more than three times per week.

Receipt №1 Gelatinous straightening.

The quickest and the most effective way how to straighten your curly hair without heat damage at home is considered to be the gelatinous straightening.

Gelatin straightens your curly hair, makes it shiny and adds volume without the necessity to heat.

In order to cook this mask to straighten your hair without heat damage you need to stick to the following instruction:

  1. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of gelatin in 1 glass of warm water and watch lest the clumps appeared there.
  2. We suggest you adding a few drops of the balm because it is likely to help to comb your hair easier.
  3. Wash your head thoroughly using a simple shampoo before applying this mixture.
  4. Spread the mask all over the clean wet locks, avoiding the roots.
  5. Then, you should put on a shower cap and wrap the head in a towel.
  6. Wash the mask away with plenty of water 45 minutes later.

Receipt №2 Straightening mask with milk and honey.

Take 1 tablespoon of milk and add it to one tablespoon of honey.

Mix thoroughly till you make the paste consistency.

In order to gain a better effect, you may also add a strawberry or a half of one banana.

The received remedy should be spread all over the hair but you must not massage it into the scalp.

Leave the mask for one hour and remove with water.

The mask with milk and honey straightens your hairdo and makes it silky.

Receipt №3 Rinse with beer and sweet tea.

Sweet tea or beer can help you to maintain the effect of straight hair.

Depending on which ingredient you have at home, you can make a rinse from one glass of sweet black tea or a glass of beer.

When you washed your head with shampoo, you should rinse it with the available product.

Then, dry using a hairdryer trying to straighten every lock with a comb or brush.

How to straighten hair without damaging it by the heat using 5 simple products?

  1. Serum.

    It’s the easiest and simply unique thing, which will definitely be suitable for taking care, restoration and light styling.

    Serums can hydrate, straighten, take care of the split ends, and fight dandruff.

    The application is also extremely simple: you just need to apply a little of serum to the wet or dry hair.

  2. Cream.

    Stylists advise it as a product to restore the damaged locks.

    It is sure to be suitable for the hair, which requires gentle care and light styling.

    The cream is applied to the wet hair and spread all over its length.

  3. Mousse.

    It is likely to add the desirable volume to any hairdo.

    However, it’s important not to use too much product to leave the locks flexible.

    The amount of mousse should be not more than a tennis ball for the long haircut.

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  4. Gel.

    You should use this product on the wet hair right before styling it.

    You might also come across spray-gel or liquid wax in the stores or salons.

    They are almost alike but they are applied through the spritzer.

  5. Wax.

    Very little wax is applied to the locks by the fingers.

    Wax is always flexible, that’s why you may fix the hairdo any moment.

    The liquid variation of the product – spray-wax – will be suitable for curly hair only.

Bio straightening: how to straighten hair without heat damage

If everyday straightening is tiresome for you, we suggest you trying the very popular procedure, which is called Brazilian straightening.

In this case, the hairdressers use the products which contain keratin in order to reach the steady and long-lasting effect.

After this procedure, it will be not only straight and smooth but will look healthy and well-cared.

Keratin is a natural protein, which makes the most part of your hair.

It has wonderful peculiarities because one session restores dry, damaged by the heat locks and straightens them.

Depending on the length and on how curly they are the procedure will take you from 2 to 3 hours.

The advantages of bio straightening:

  1. When you dry your hair you do not need additional cosmetic products to straighten it.
  2. Wet weather won’t make your hair unexpectedly curly.
  3. The effect lasts up to 6 months.
  4. The hair gets strength and healthy shine after each procedure.
  5. Keratin gets into each hair and restores its structure from inside.

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How to straighten curly hair without damaging it?

Curly hair simply cannot exist without a flat iron.

However, you should mind that using this device too often can lead to the number of negative results because of the heat damage.

That’s why you’d better make breaks and never neglect thermal protective products, which will at least partially save you from heat damage.

Well, now you know how to straighten hair without damage.

You should remember the most important thing: regardless of how curly or straight your hairdo is, it must definitely be healthy.

Its health greatly depends on the proper everyday care and a thought-over diet.

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