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How to Grow a Full Beard: Stages and Tips

How to grow a full beard discovering the peculiarities of its growing + useful tips on how to grow full beard + the stages of growing?


A full beard is the one that completely covers the man’s jaw. It may be connected to the mustache or sideburns.

The offered kinds of cut will help anyone look manful.

Read our article on how to grow a full beard.

The peculiarities of how to grow full beard

The hair on men’s faces has certain peculiarities which you’d better know:

  1. Unfortunately, not all of them can have this distinguishing feature of the masculine sexual characters.

    In order to have it, one needs his hair to grow equally thick but only genetics controls it!

  2. The color of the hair on the head differs from the hair on the chin.
  3. The texture also differs because they are softer and thinner.
  4. It gets gray unequally but in separate areas.

You need to maintain the proper care in order to learn how to grow a full beard:

  1. In order to look enough manful, you should make yourself do the procedures which do not seem mannish every day.
  2. For the better growth of your beard, you must use a special masseur to stimulate the blood flow in that zone.
  3. You should also process the skin with steam to hydrate it.
  4. Regularly do pilling because it allows removing dead cells and grow a wonderful thick beard.
  5. Rub in eucalyptus oil as it influences on the hair growth a lot.
  6. You should mind that dirty pores block the process of the growth that’s why you must always watch the hygiene and cleanness.

Whom does a full beard fit?

A full beard is actually a work of art which can make wonders.

With its help a person is able to change the face features and make them more impressive – underline the needed and hide the things you do not want to show.

How to pick a beard and reach the right results for this or that face shape?

  1. A triangle shape.

    If your face is a triangle or the chin is not very expressed, the beard is everything for you!

    It will add the required volume to the lower part of the face or hide the sharp shape of your chin.

    The most significant here will be to maintain its thickness.

  2. Round or square shapes.

    The big, round or square shape can be also improved by the beard!

    However, here you should be very attentive growing it.

    A round face might be visually narrowed and using thin lines it can be made more oval.

    If you simply have a big face, it will create the illusion of a less volume.

    Nevertheless, it may never look careless.

    Otherwise, it will produce the opposite effect.

    However, the square shape might even get this option!

  3. A rectangular shape.

    The owners of such shape or people with long faces need to do only one thing – watch that their beard always looked well-cared and carefully cut.

    In the first case, it will emphasize the face’s features which are correct even without it, and in the second one, it will create the illusion of the shorter face.

  4. An oval shape.

    Men with oval faces are the luckiest and it’s boring to write about their beards!

    Any option will look dignified and right that’s why one can make experiments till he is bored.

  5. A small face.

    If you have a small face, you’ll probably have to refuse from a beard because you risk making it still smaller.

    However, the choice is all yours!

Step-by-step instruction, how to grow a full beard fast

For those who completely and entirely decided to grow it, we advise getting much patience.

You wonder why?

This is because you’ll be sorry to waste so many efforts in vain.

  1. Stop shaving and the first month you’ll spend simply waiting.

    Lest your hand reached for the razor, you can get rid of it.

    At this stage, it might only do harm to your dream.

  2. Then you’ll have to cope with the long period of formation.

    Slowly but confidently your beard will start acquiring the proper shape.

    Some people are not destined to pass to the next stage but if you are fine with everything, you can go on.

  3. Try to correct your diet and reach the healthy and balanced one.

    Go in for sports because it will increase the production of testosterone.

    Besides, you should be less nervous, lest you started to lose hair!

  4. 4-5 months later, when you clearly have the beard by the line on the check or sideburns, you are allowed to pass to the process of shaping.
  5. Only now you can be proud of your achievement!

How to grow a short full beard?

Do you wonder how to grow a full beard in the small version?

This is not just the simple bristle which has not been shaved for a couple of days.

A short option also requires constant care.

Besides, you should mind that this style almost fails to mask the face shape and is more suitable for square and long ones.

5 stages of how to grow a full beard:

  1. Carefully and equally cut the hair with a trimmer with the attachment of 3-5 mm.

    Keep the style and do not forget to shave the unnecessary hair on the neck.

  2. When it is 5-12 mm long (shorter for dark hair and longer for light and thin hair), you are ready to form it and make even again.

    Use the third or the fifth attachment depending on the required length.

  3. Pay special attention to the mustache and you’d better cut it with a more “precise” tool to get the strict borders.
  4. The area around the beard can be clearly shaved either by a razor or with a shaver.
  5. In order to look irresistible, you should make your beard even every day.

How to live a proper lifestyle to find out how to grow a full thick beard fast?

Everyone has his own genetics that’s why some people can easily grow them and others have no possibility to wait for 2 months.

If you wish to discover how to grow a full thick beard fast and be proud if it, you should follow some simple but useful tips.

First of all, in case you live a healthy lifestyle, stick to a healthy diet and have no stress, you can count on a good and quick growth.

Do you remember the gossips that the more frequently you shave the quicker it will grow?

This is the myth.

Surely, not all people succeed in living a healthy lifestyle, that’s why various vitamins and additives come to help you. It is advised to drink vitamin H and cod liver oil because they help your hair and nails grow faster.

You can also have vitamin B and magnesium.

Aside from the vitamins, you should increase the level of testosterone by eating more meat and avoiding soy.

In addition, to increase the level of testosterone you can eat spinach, nuts, avocado, olives, and broccoli.

How to Stop Receding Hairline: Different Methods

How to take care of your full beard?

As a rule, the care consists of two main components:

  • A standard hygiene
  • The aesthetic side

You should thoroughly treat the rules of hygiene while growing the beard and maintaining it.

At the initial stages, you should wash it every day to avoid sloughing skin and itching and then – in order to have the attractive and nice appearance.

The full thick beard is washed by shampoo and conditioner and different balms are applied to make the hair manageable and not very dry.

Some people are extremely lucky and they always have the perfect shape.

However, there are only a few of them.

Most men use special oils, hair wax and repeat the procedures every day.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that beard is able to catch smells and special wax has the function of neutralizing them.

Besides, you must always have a small hair brush which you can use during the day.

This is sort of the aesthetic component.

How to grow a full beard?

Use the pieces of advice which were described in our article.

Growing a beard is a wonderful experience for men which must be acquired in life.

In addition, this is a perfect opportunity to vary your life.

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