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Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy will definitely remove the unpleasant drawbacks from the body. Read our article to find out how such product is used.


The scars, which mostly appear on the buttocks, hips, chests, stomach and under the arms due to the certain reasons, are called stretch marks.

They usually occur when the skin at first stretches to its limits and later becomes clenched, for instance when a person puts on weight or during pregnancy.

The stretched skin produces less collagen and loses its firmness.

Consequently, it leads to stretch marks.

The best option will undoubtedly be coconut oil during pregnancy for stretch marks.

Received by the cold press, it preserves nearly all of its useful characteristics.

Components of coconut oil for stretches during pregnancy

The miraculous impact is secured by the rich microbiological formula.

It produces a positive effect on the whole body from the hair ends to the nails.

The following components secure the effect:

  • Lauric acid makes nearly 50% of fat and secures the antiseptic and antimicrobial protection.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful moistener because it hydrates the epidermal layers on the cells’ level.
  • Fat acids triglycerides are the substances which help to consume all active components.
  • Stearic, oleic, linoleic, capric, octylic, palmic, arachidonic and caproic acids are also present in this valuable product in a little lesser concentration and wonderfully influence on all systems and human organs.

It is said to be very effective for most problems of the organism due to such rich formula.

Coconut oil during pregnancy has plenty of obvious benefits as it is able to cure the scars and to eliminate the possibility of their future occurrence.

The regular usage of the priceless product activates collagen and elastin manufacturing.

Moreover, it makes the epidermis stronger, softer and more moisturized, activates the skin cells’ activities, produces collagen and elastin.

Benefits of coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy

To keep stretch marks during pregnancy from occurrence the future mother should carefully massage the precious product few times per day (2-3) into the problem areas – stomach, hips, and buttocks.

The usage of coconut oil during pregnancy is absolutely safe for a mother and her child.

Its unique characteristics treat, soften and hydrate the skin.

After giving birth, you are unlikely to find stretch marks on your body.

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Implementing coconut oil during pregnancy for stretch marks

In case there are already some stretch marks on the body, we suggest trying several ways to fight them with the product in question.

3 ways how to use coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy:

  1. Regularly put much of coconut oil on the stretched zones before going to sleep.

    Massage into the body and let the rest of it soak in for the night.
    If you want or need, wash away the remains in the morning with a little warm water.

  2. Apply it after the shower with massage movements, when the body is steamed and is able to soak in more useful substances.
  3. Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil.

    Apply with massage movements to the body and repeat the procedure regularly.

    Besides, it’s possible to add the essential oils of rosemary and orange.

Receipts of the masks and scrubs with coconut oil for stretch marks

The scrub with coconut oil makes wonders for stretch marks.

  1. The scrub with milled coffee:

    Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of milled coffee.

    Cover the wet body with the scrub by the massage movements and pay special attention to the problem areas.

    Besides, you may use sea salt as a scrubbing ingredient.

  2. Delicate cream-scrub:

    • 10 spoons of oats mill in blender, but not to the flour; the grains should not be too small;
    • 1 spoon of wheat germ and coconut oil;
    • 1 teaspoon of castor oil;
    • 5-6- drops of essential orange oil;

    Stir the ingredients thoroughly.

    The scrub with coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is used according to the following rules:

    1. It’s better to scrub in the shower and then to remove the mass with warm water and apply essential or any other cream for stretch marks.
    2. The body scrub, especially for pregnant women, must definitely be sparing.

      Such scrub with oats as the basic element is very soft and may be used even every day.

    3. However, if you use a scrub with sea salt or coffee, you should not do it more than once a week.

      Massage the most problem areas and do not forget to hydrate the skin with the body lotion.

    Aside from stretch marks on the belly, many women say that being pregnant they had such problems on the chests.

    During pregnancy and after it the breasts are increased and the skin is stretched.

    Women may use creams with coconut oil to hydrate the skin on their breasts.

    It is also advised to apply the cream not only to the skin but to the nipples.

    Under the influence of the fat, they will become soft and gentle.

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  3. Banana mask for the breasts

    • Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil;
    • 1 tablespoon of honey (it’s preferable to use floral honey);
    • Melt honey and oil on the steam;
    • Add the puree of 1 banana;
    • Stir everything thoroughly.

    The warm mask should be applied to the breasts, and then covered with gauze and warm towel.

    You may also cover yourself with food wrap to create the compress.

    Lie down for 20 minutes and then wash away with warm water.

    Remember to put on a lotion after the procedure.

    Such compress hydrates the skin, making it more even because the mask is rich in microelements and vitamins.

    The first results in the fight of coconut oil with this problem will be seen in a month.

    However, you need to stay patient.

    In some difficult cases the final victory comes not sooner than a year later.

Rules of application of coconut oil during pregnancy for stretch marks

5 rules of how to implement coconut oil during pregnancy for stretch marks:

  1. The product is applied in both variants: as it is and in mixture with other components;
  2. Before applying you should warm a small piece of coconut oil in your hands;
  3. Use on the problem zones with massage movements;
  4. You’d better do the procedure after shower two times every day;
  5. When applied, the product creates an elastic cover and prevents the water from evaporating from the organism.

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How to choose coconut oil properly?

If the product is of really poor quality, there will be no use of it.

When we speak about the fake product, it may even be dangerous for the health of a pregnant lady and her future baby.

That’s why you should not buy such thing unless you study the label.

The label must have a note “Bio’ or “Organic’ because it means that there were no chemicals or pesticides used to grow the coconut trees.

It’s very easy to check the naturalness of coconut oil: under the temperature of fewer than 25 degrees, it must acquire creamy consistency, i.e. harden.

Nowadays coconut oil of high quality may be bought even in online stores, which sell organic cosmetics.

Such product is manufactured in Dominican Republic and Thailand.

Cosmetologists advise testing such cosmetics for the allergy before application.

Just apply a little product to the wrist or elbow.

If within a half an hour it does not get red or tickle, the usage of coconut oil for stretch marks is completely safe.

The benefit of coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is almost limitless.

That’s why it’ll become the perfect helper in chasing beauty and youth during pregnancy and after it.

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