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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

The article is sure to explain you three effective methods how to remove eyelash extensions at home and on your own, without specialist’s help.


Long, elegantly curved eyelashes are the best way to add mysteriousness to your look and expression to your appearance.

All girls know about it, but not all of them can boast of natural long eyelashes.

Due to this they have to use the achievements of modern cosmetology and have eyelash extensions in various beauty salons and studios.

Sometimes, doing some cosmetic procedures, as soon as they expire, you realize that it’s not exactly what you wanted or you simply do not want to waste your time and money on a visit to your specialist again.

It’s quite simple to remove eyelash extensions at home, so there is no necessity to spend your time in beauty salons.

How you should not remove eyelash extensions at home?

In spite of the formal simplicity of this procedure, it’s not always that easy to remove eyelash extensions at home on your own.

The result and the time to get it depend a lot on the level of professionalism of the person, who did this “beauty” and how high the quality of cosmetics he used was, in particular, the glue.

At first, let’s discuss what you should not do:

  • Never pull out eyelash extensions in flocks.

    The glue is applied to the line where eyelashes grow, that’s why you will remove not only the false lashes, but your own ones as well.

    As soon as such procedure is over, the eyes are sure to “blow out” because they’ll lack eyelashes.

    They will need at least one month to renew.

  • Never try to wash them away at home using soap or any other washing product.

    It could deplete very sensitive skin around eyes and even lead to conjunctival irritation.

  • Besides, you should not do any manipulations, if your eyes are irritated or you fall ill – it may make your condition still worse.

    Moreover, you should not remove eyelash extensions few days before and during menstruation.

    At that period you are much more sensitive to the pain and it will be extremely unpleasant.

How to remove eyelash extension at home using steam and oil?

One of the ways how to remove eyelash extensions at home is to use oil.

To do it you are going to need burdock oil, a brush, an eyebrow tweezer and cotton wool pads.

You may also apply olive oil or almond oil, though the firstly mentioned kind of oil is the most useful for the natural eyelashes.

  1. Take off your make-up.

    Choose a soft make-up remover and take off mascara and eyeliner.

    This way, you are sure to know how to differentiate your own lashes from the false ones.

  2. Steam your face.

    Hot steam is sure to weaken the eyelash extensions.

    Do the following things:

    • Warm in the microwave a bowl with water.

      It must be so hot that steam appeared.

    • Bend over the bowl and put a towel on your head, so that steam concentrated on your face.
    • Stay like this for 10 minutes.
  3. Use burdock (almond or olive) oil.

    • Cut a cotton pad on two halves and make each of them look like half moon – you’ll get a sponge, which repeats the bend of the eyelid.
    • Moisten the already-made half of the cotton pad with warm oil and put on the lower eyelid.

      Then you should close your eye and significantly moisten eyelashes with oil.

    • Get ready with the second eye the same way.
    • Take a comfortable position and relax.
    • You should leave oil for its impact at least for 20-30 minutes.

      During the procedure you’d better make sure it did not strike the eyes.

    • When the time comes, massage the hilar zone of eyelashes with light moves of your finger cushions.

      You are sure to feel how the false lashes unglue.

    • After this, you can take the eyelash extensions off.

    Maybe, you won’t take all of them off from the first time, but you can repeat the procedure.

    If there is a necessity, you may apply oil before bed and leave it for the night.

    In the morning all false eyelashes will fall off.

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  4. Rinse eyelashes.

    Rinse your eyelashes with warm water in order to remove oil.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home with the help of cream?


Another way how you can hold this procedure at home is to use cosmetic cream.

You may use children cream or any other one.

The important thing is that it was fatty enough.

Moreover, you’ll need cotton pads.

Before the procedure, you should make sure you are not allergic to the applied cream.

You should know how to do it.

Try in on the sensitive skin zone at home – do it on the crease of arm and keep it there for a couple of minutes.

Now, let’s discuss in details how to remove eyelash extensions at home with the help of fatty cream.

  1. At first, you must take off your make-up.
  2. Then, with the help of a cotton pad or a disc apply cream to the whole eyelid along the lashes’ growth line and leave it there for 5 minutes.
  3. This time is enough for glue to soften from the influence of the cream components and you will easily remove the false eyelashes.
  4. By no means rub your eyes; otherwise you may injure your own lashes.
  5. In conclusion, wash your eyes in order to remove the rest of cream.

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If you did not remove all lashes at once, you may repeat the procedure and leave the cream on the eyelids for a longer period of time.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home with the help of special product?

The easiest way is to use special liquid to remove false eyelashes.

Remover is easily and pleasantly applied even at home.

Moreover, it is sure to dissolve not only professional glue, but a more solid thing – resin.

  1. Buy glue remover.

    If you have no opportunity to visit salon in order to take off false lashes, you should buy glue remover.

    You can easily find it in most chemists.

    If you had eyelash extensions in a professional salon, ask your professional, which remover he or she uses to remove eyelashes and wonder whether
    you could buy it on the spot.

    Glue remover is a soft dissolvent, which smells like nail polish remover.

  2. You must have good visibility.

    This is a delicate process, that’s why you must see what you are doing.

    Get ready to remove eyelash extension at home doing the following things:

    • Stand in front of the mirror in a bathroom with good light.

      If there is a necessity, you may use additional light, lest any shadows fell on your face and prevented you from seeing eyelashes.

    • Take your make-up off.

      Remove your mascara and eyeliner from the eyes with the help of soft eye make-up remover.

      This way you’ll know how to distinguish your natural eyelashes from the false ones.

  3. Apply glue remover.

    Stick to the following things in order to properly use glue remover and take off your false lashes:

    • Soak a cotton disc in glue remover.
    • Carefully pull down the tail of your eye.

      Close one eye and with the help of finger-cushion pull the tail of the eye down.

      Your upper lashes must look down, so that you had really good view of the eyelash extensions.

    • Apply the remover on the outside line of lashes with a cotton pad.Move from the tail to the medial angle of the eye with small, soft movements.

      The product must start dissolving glue.

  4. Take off the eyelash extensions.

    After you do the previously mentioned procedure 15 times, you can take the ends of the false lashes with thumb and forefinger.

    You will easily take them off at home.

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  5. Remove the rest of glue.

    After you removed all eyelash extensions, use remover once more in order to remove the rest of glue.

  6. Rinse eyelashes.

    Rinse your eyelashes with water to remove the glue remover.

How to take care of lashes after you removed eyelash extensions?

Beauty demands sacrifice and in case with eyelash extension – weakness and loss of eyelashes.

That’s why after the procedure of eyelash extension you need learn how to take proper care of your eyes.

  • In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, you’d better give some time for your organism to rest.

    Stop having eyelash extensions for a month and strengthen your natural lashes at home.

  • Make some nourishing masks from oils.

    It’s also advisable to drink a complex of vitamins, but you should consult your doctor first.

  • Besides, you should use strengthening mascara, which contains useful components and contribute to lashes’ growth.
  • Moreover, pay special attention to the skin around eyes.

    Apply different creams and serums in order to take good care of that zone.

  • Use oil like a mask on the roots of your lashes for 1 month.

    Oils like almond, burdock, castor, sea buckthorn, peach and raisin-seed oils are considered to be very useful for lashes and to have a good influence on them.

    You can also use several kinds of oils.

    Besides, you may add vitamins A and E to them.

  • What’s more, it is very useful to make compresses from brew of chamomile, calendula, sage or black tea.

    In order to do such compress you should soap cotton pads with herbal brew and put them on the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Now you know how to remove eyelash extensions at home.

All methods described in the article would be really effective, only if glue of high quality was used to make eyelash extensions.

Otherwise, you should better go to a salon, where an experienced specialist is sure to know how to do the procedure with special removal.

Remember to take good care of your eyelashes and give them time to rest.

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