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How to Stop Bulimia: 6 Food Rules

The article below is devoted to those, who suffer from overeating and does not know how to stop bulimia. Read our pieces of advice and recommendations.


Bulimia is an illness, which is based on the neuropsychic disorder and revealed in the uncontrollable food consumption, concentration on food, calories and weight.

Sick people very often do not know how to stop bulimia and start using weight-loss drugs, take purgative, trigger vomit, starve or wear themselves out by physical activities.

If you are eager to discover how to stop being bulimic, read our article.

In order to learn how to stop bulimia we’d better study the reasons why it appears

Those, who are diagnosed with bulimia, often do not realize that they are ill and start understanding it too late.

People with such disease differ not only by the uncontrollable overeating, but by the mental disorder as well.

Both teenagers and adults can suffer from it.

Reasons why people appear bulimic:

  • Stress;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Disbalance of chemical elements and hormones in the brain;
  • Heredity;
  • Lack or absence of private life;
  • Dissatisfaction by one’s own appearance.

Psychologists see bulimia as one of the forms of food addiction, which is usually the result of lack of love in person’s life.

Which symptoms can help to diagnose and stop the illness?

A bulimic person often has the fits of huge appetite, which lead to eating large amount of food, and, as a result, they have the opposite reaction: the organism tries to get rid from the eaten food and recover by all means.

It’s rather difficult to recognize bulimia from the side – sick people usually have normal weight and it’s almost impossible to differentiate them visually from healthy people.

The symptoms of bulimia are the following:

  • The ruined or damaged teeth enamel and troubles with gums, which were caused by the multiple affection of gastric acid when vomiting.
  • Dehydration;
  • Scratches at fingers, which a bulimic person puts in his throat trying to cause vomit;
  • Frequent changes in weight – he puts on weight fast and then he loses weight rapidly;
  • Regular metabolic disorders;
  • Intense salivation, hypertrophy of the salivary glands;
  • Bad chewing, swallowing pieces and always hurrying to eat;
  • Constant depression and aggressive condition.

Fits of bulimia often happen after strict diets.

Almost always bulimic people deny seeing the disease’s symptoms and think that they are able to recover from the digestion problems by means of their will power.

To what consequences can bulimia lead, if you do not stop it in time?

If you do not stop being bulimic, you can face the following consequences:

  • Bulimia contributes to the development of the gastrointestinal disease,
  • The gastrointestinal microflora is under great threat,
  • The metabolism, blood plasma, the work of the pancreatic gland and liver and then kidneys and all excretory system suffer,
  • Bulimia has a smashing blow on the libido and reproductive performance, and even a young woman may face climax.

Bulimia is not taken as illness for long. Usually a bulimic person considers the fits of “wolf’s appetite” their own drawback and hides the uncontrollable affection to food from the people around.

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In order to learn how to stop being bulimic, you need to know how it is revealed

The main goal of those, who suffer from bulimia, is eating.

An interesting fact is that only half of them suffer from obesity, because bulimic people are terribly afraid to put on weight and regularly stick to diets.

Nowadays, there are the following kinds of bulimia:

  • Uncontrollable overeating

    Mostly men suffer from this form, because no one demands from them to be slim and they fall for the follow-up stomach devastation.

    People, who suffer from this form of disease turn for help only in case they start having problems with obesity and do not know how to recover from it on their own.

  • Classical bulimia

    This kind of illness is mostly spread among women, who firstly comfort eat all the problems and then by means of vomit and purgative pills get rid from the eaten or stick to the diet and physical loads.

  • Bulimia as the second stage of anorexia

    Anorexia is the disease, when a woman finds herself too fat regardless of her weight and then she stops eating.

    It is mostly observed in young ladies under 25.

    Such kind of illness can lead to death, if one refuses to turn to a specialist in time in order to recover.

Which methods one should use to recover from bulimia?

Many people wish to know how to recover from bulimia, especially those who suffer from it.

Unconditionally, without the desire of the bulimic person it will be extremely difficult to recover from it.

If bulimia is in its neglected form, you should undergo complex treatment.

Hospital treatment includes:

  • A course of organs’ treatment, which were damaged by the ruined digestion,
  • Diet therapy,
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Taking vitamins;
  • Taking antidepressant drugs,
  • Physiotherapeutic procedure.

Mind that it’s very difficult to recover from bulimia on one’s own.

At the definite stages of recovery it may seem to a sick person, who suffers from bulimia, that he has already recovered or visa verse that he’ll never recover from it.

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In order to know how to recover from bulimia you should stick to the following eating habits:

  • Learn how to differentiate the real hunger from the desire to “have a bite”.

    Before you have your meal, you should always put your hand at the stomach and feel your hunger;

  • You should always eat and do not wait till you are completely full and you are unable to eat even one tiny piece more;
  • In order to recover from bulimia, you should start keeping notes, writing down all your worries, anxieties and feelings in different time of a day and the most important thing will be to discover how they are reflected in your appetite and desire to eat.
  • Switch your favorite products, which are rich in calories, on fruits, vegetables, bran and cereals.

    Besides, cereals are sure to bring you the feeling that you are already full, but they do not load the organism much.

  • Try to use less pepper, sugar and salt in your meals.

    Remember that such drinks as black tea, coffee, soda increase your appetite a lot.

  • Learn how to eat slowly and get pleasure from the food.

Monitoring the amount of food you eat is one of the most important elements of therapy.

3 psychological pieces of advice on how to recover from bulimia

Besides, in order to stop being bulimic you should listen to how psychologists advise to fight this problem.

  • In case you have a fit of bulimia, at first relax and listen to the calming music, which you like.

    It is likely to distract you for some time from the thoughts about food.

    Still more useful is listening to the nature sounds: the blow of wind or sounds of the sea, the drops of rain or birds’ singing.

  • Do some breathing gymnastics (at least five times a day).
  • Do not let bad thoughts come to you and eliminate them from your head.

    Put a bright band at your wrist and as soon as you think of something bad or if something spoils your mood, pull this band.

Lest you became bulimia’s victim, you should:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • Love yourself and your body as it is;
  • Do not look for compassion in tasty food (sweets or salty food);
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • In case of a terrible stress or depression you’d better turn for help to a psychotherapist;
  • Avoid excessive use of weight-loss drugs;
  • Do not drink herbal diuretics or purgative medicine without doctor’s prescription.

Having studied various approaches on how to stop being bulimic, you’ll definitely find something that is likely to help you recover from such problem.

Mind that bulimia is, first of all, psychic disorder, and excessive weight is only the result of the problem.

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