How to read faster?

Books are friends of successful people. If you lack free time and ask yourself, how to read faster, let’s solve this problem together!


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For example, today we will get to know how to read faster in order to grasp book wisdom without spending too much time on it.

Why is it important to learn how to read faster?

Books are essential companions of every successful and self-developed person.

Only ignorant or foolish people can doubt this statement.

A wallet stuffed with money can never make a human out of a monkey, but a head filled with knowledge, surely can! And this knowledge can be easily acquired due to reading books and useful articles!

What books should I read in order to be smarter?

However, people who are willing to read a lot, often encounter with such obstacle as lack of free time.

Nowadays people are usually too busy for self-development.

They want to do as much as possible, and that’s why there is often no spare time for reading!

I remember how one of my friends, called Marina, suffered from this problem.

She is a philologist, and thus she has always been on friendly terms with books.

Having graduated from the university, she started working at a travel agency.

Working long hours, moving from one place to another and total exhaustion stole her precious spare time for reading.

Later she got married, delivered a baby and encountered with a problem of having no free time at all!

Marina was suffering and questioning herself “How to read faster?”

She tried out several methods, started doing special exercises, and in some time she really started to read faster!

I asked my friend to share some tips that helped her in reading, and this is what I heard from her.

How to read faster: recommendations that helped Marina

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
Margaret Fuller

First of all, I have to warn you that the mastering of high-speed reading will take some time.

I can’t promise you that in one day you will be able to devour one page after another.

You will need to make some efforts in order to succeed in this!

However, if you are ready to be more persistent and devote some time in order to learn how to read faster, you will be truly impressed by your results!

Marina said that in order to start reading faster, first of all, she had to learn how to concentrate.

If you are easily distracted by the outside noise, conversations of people around you, a working TV-set, or even by your own thoughts, you will get stuck on one page for a long time.

Learn how to focus on the content of the book, and then you will devour pages with an amazing speed, without even noticing it.

Other tricks that helped Marina include:

  1. Doing exercises that help to widen your field of vision.

    Schulte Table is one of the most effective exercises of such kind.

    These tables (they can be either simple or more complicated) consist of squares with numbers in random order.

    There are plenty of such tables in the Internet, all you have to do is to find and download them.

  2. Preventing yourself from returning to the fragments that you have already read.

    You will have difficulties with that, until you finally learn how to concentrate on a book or an article itself.

    Even if you miss something while reading, don’t return to the previous fragment.

    In this way you will punish yourself for losing concentration.

    After some period of time you will successfully focus on the book and will not miss anything.

  3. Making a preliminary acquaintance with a book.

    My friend has always read a book review and the preface.

    She also tried to get to know a little bit about the author before she started reading.

    Thus, you will get a first impression about the book and make the process of reading easier and more interesting.

Specialists state that you can and you should read faster!

Obviously, each person is unique, and these methods that have been useful for Marina, may not suit you.

Nevertheless, specialists say that the mastering of high-speed reading can be achieved by everybody.

There is no doubt that people who like reading and use books properly, without trying to turn them into cup coasters, are more likely to succeed in the art of high-speed reading.

If you read a lot and you are truly fond of reading, you will be surprised to notice that your speed of reading increases.

4 Tips How to Increase Your Vocabulary

If you are not on friendly terms with books yet, act carefully, using the famous principle: “Don’t do any harm!” Otherwise you may end up with phobia of books.

So, people who only start to master high-speed reading should remember the following:

  1. Start your practice of increasing the reading speed with easy materials, such as articles in magazines and newspapers.

    You will have to follow the same rules: focus on the content and don’t return to the previous fragments.

  2. Choose a comfortable and quiet place for reading.

    Don’t you think that it is much more pleasant to master high-speed reading being home alone than while using noisy and overcrowded public transport?

  3. If you decide to transfer from articles to books, choose those books that are more interesting for you, but don’t read romance novels or gangster detective stories.

    Read life stories of famous people, books on self-development, recommendations how to succeed.

    Believe me, there are many interesting and creative writers whose books are not dull and useless.

More recommendations that you have to keep in mind if you want to learn how to read faster:

Some people, who fail at mastering a certain method, get angry and repeat that this method is useless and doesn’t work at all! Have you considered the possibility that actually the method is right, but you have not used it properly?

When you start mastering the art of high-speed reading, you have to:

  1. Accept the fact that you will not be able to devour a scientific piece of work in a few hours, unless you are an outstanding genius!

    Such books are not easy to read; usually they require high concentration and a lot of time.

  2. Remember that you should not only read the book, but understand its content.

    If you leaf through pages without understanding of what you have read, you are simply deceiving yourself!

    In order to make the reading process intelligent and thoughtful, you need to learn not only to concentrate on the book, but to memorize it as well!

  3. Develop sincere feelings towards books.

    If you look at books with disgust and hate reading, nothing good will come out of it!

I hope that I have convinced you that the art of high-speed reading is easy to master! Try it!

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