Self-development: key to success

Self-development consists in constant improvement of your life and yourself. Read this article!


Hello, my dear readers of “Motivational tips”!

Today we will talk about the notion which scares all failed businessmen (at least, those businessmen whom I happen to know), and this notion is called self-development.

Self-development? Nonsense! I’ve got money instead!

As for me, success and wealth are not always synonymic phenomena.

Though I’ve been small in the crazy 90-s, I can vividly recollect the so-called New Ukrainians.

They wore crimson jackets, gold anchor chains on their bull necks, drove shining expensive cars of foreign brands, but all of them had the same cow face expression…

In the 90-s huge money were usually earned not by the smart, hard-working and educated people, but by impudent people without any principles.

A bit of luck, criminal inclinations, absence of conscience, and voilà – you’ve earned your first million!

However, such schemes worked only during the times of trouble and transitional periods.

As soon as the situation had returned to normal, it turned out that most of the “crimson jackets” were not ready for such changes.

Some of them received the hostile bullet; some of them wasted everything on gambling; some of them lost everything, failing to make their business legal.

Only few of those businessmen who knew what self-development is, managed to stay afloat, took off their crimson uniform of the 90-s and became respectable businessmen.

How to start your own business and be independent?

Nevertheless, even those people who managed to preserve their money, earned during the restructuring period, often remained less developed than a seashell. Despite the fact that they wore expensive shoes and erected golden toilet sinks in their apartments, they remained on the level of the seashell.

I’ve met these seashells who pull a face hearing such words as “psychology”, “self-development” and “personal growth”, as if trying to say: “Leave me alone, girl, with such talks! I’ve already made enough money, I’m cool!”

What is self-development?

“The whole meaning of life consists in the eternal conquest of the unknown and in the eternal effort to discover more”.
Emile Zola

Self-development consists in constant improvement of your life and yourself.

Many people, who consider themselves to be quite successful and happy, don’t develop themselves because they don’t know how it can be done and what is really meant by the notion of self-development.

Most of us think that if you manage to get a good job, get married, have children, buy a car and your own home, and still have some money left for entertainment, you can relax and do nothing; your life plan has been fulfilled!

However, here is where we make a huge mistake.

People who don’t engage themselves in self-development, despite the fact that they have inborn skills and qualities for reaching the top, can be called criminals!

The stories of success of famous people consist not in pure luck (though it’s also an important factor), but in many years of hard work, improvement of one’s skills and abilities, thorough development of one’s personality etc.

Successful people would have never become so if they had stopped moving forward after their first little success.

Self-development is indispensable for:

  • Living in full harmony with yourself and others;
  • Not just making a successful career but for becoming the best professional in your sphere;
  • Achieving all of your goals;
  • Getting rid of your complexes and becoming the life and soul of the party;
  • Acquiring love and happiness;
  • Having not only a sincere soul, but a perfect body;
  • Living your life to the fullest, so that later you won’t regret your wasted years.

If you truly want to realize yourself to the fullest, you have to consider several factors:

  1. Wit.

    The simplest way to train your brain is to read books. They will help you to develop erudition and analytical thinking, widen your outlook and become an interesting interlocutor.

  2. Character.

    All people have both positive traits of character that help them to achieve all goals, and flaws, which these people have to get rid of if they doesn’t want them to be used by their enemies.

  3. Health.

    You have to realize that even a completely healthy by nature person can turn into a senile and sluggish creature if he/she eats unhealthy food, doesn’t care about sports, drinks like a horse, smokes like a chimney, and leads a horrible way of life.

    You have to invest in your health and then you will feel great even in your old age.

  4. Beauty.

    I like the saying: “Luck is more important than looks”.

    However, I would change its beginning to the: “Persistence is more important than looks”.

    For example, French consider a woman to be beautiful not when she has good looks or a 90-60-90 figure, but when she is stylishly dressed and takes good care of herself. Well-shaped figure, manicure, pedicure, neat haircut and smartly chosen clothes will turn any woman into a beauty.

  5. Career.

    The thing is that getting a high-rank position is not enough; you have to strive for better results and self-development, to improve your knowledge and skills and to become the irreplaceable team member.

    Only such people can run huge corporations and make big money without fear of being fired in the future.

  6. Inner world.

    There is no doubt that this notion is quite blurred and you may give a different name to this factor, but you won’t reach success without it.

    When I speak about the self-development of your inner world, I mean journeys, different hobbies, visiting cinemas, theatres, museums and exhibitions, and whatever else that can help you to widen your mental outlook and spend your time effectively.

  7. Love.

    A successful person is not always a callous person who remains forever alone.

    You don’t have to ignore such heartwarming and pleasant feeling as love if you are striving for success.

    Love and take care of your parents, be friends with your siblings, fall in love and create your own families.

    Very often great achievements are made in the name of love and due to the desire to give all the best to your beloved.

  8. Keep in mind that self-development is a constant process that doesn’t allow for long-term breaks.
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