How to train your brain: a set of guidelines

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Some people are crazy about self-care: they count every calorie, work out day and night, visit their hairdresser and cosmetologist more often than their parents, but along with that – forget about one of the most important organs of human body: their brain.

“Many people live without brain and feel quite happy!” the response might be.

“Do you wanna teach me how to train my brain?” the victims of modern propaganda ask. “Leave that advice to yourself! You just need to look cool because only fitness and beauty rule the world.”

P.S. If someone thinks so, then his brain is 100 % infantile…

As a result we have thousands of silicon dolls and primitive beefcakes who (and this scares me most) become an example for future generations.

Of course, I won’t argue that self-care and sports are extremely important to us, and I keep reminding about it almost in every article.

But it’s a crime to let your brain desperately die in your head because of feeling unnecessary and useless!

How to train your brain: what hinders people to do their brainwork?

Scientists claim that we use only 5–15 % of our cerebral hemispheres.

Frankly, such figures disappointed and embarrassed me.

Just imagine how useful and proactive people could be if they maximally applied their intellectual skills!

Researches dissent regarding the means for improving the work of our brain (heredity, nutrition, lifestyle, habits or all of the above), but they are unanimous concerning one thing: brain is the organ that can be trained and sculptured as well as our body.

And if muscles pump out thanks to our physical exercise, brain gets fit after our intellectual work.

Methods for training our brain are relatively new – they appeared only in 20-th century. Previously it was considered that after coming of age it’s impossible to improve our intellectual abilities.

But today scientists unanimously support the idea of lifelong learning. You can train your brain as long as you wish!

Such wonderful discoveries should have encouraged everybody to vie in searching for methods of improving their intellectual abilities. But some individuals don’t wish to make any extra effort. They prefer to continue living as half vegetables or half cavemen.

They do so because…

  • they are lazy;
  • dump from birth;
  • choose bad surrounding (“I’d read something, but guys will make fun of me”, one crustaceous told me);
  • don’t have willpower;
  • are afraid to change their life for better.

Why did my neighbor begin to train his brain?

“When you use our brain only for rest, it becomes porridge.”
Georgy Zotov.

My neighbor Viktor is a very good guy – kind, responsive, and good-looking.

He was never seen in a bad company and worked out shaping his body till perfection.

I can’t say he wasn’t smart, but, certainly, books and educational programs weren’t his best friends.

Viktor considered training his brain only when he fell in love.

He works as an instructor in a fitness centre and once had a girl come to him for a personal training.

A girl wasn’t a simple one – she was completing her postgraduate course and finishing her thesis.

And Viktor, even considering all his virtues, couldn’t pronounce the word “postgraduate” without a flub.

But love inspires and thus, after some hesitation, my neighbor decided to start active self-development.

He wanted to be a good match for his clever beauty!

I’ll tell you right away: in six months Viktor showed wonderful results. He became a good company, loved theatre, and even found interest in museums.

They weren’t boring and useless organizations for him anymore!

The postgraduate’s heart trembled and they began dating. Things went so well that in six months Viktor and his girlfriend got married!

Do you still keep whining, “I can’t do it, I’ll fail”?

Viktor will tell you how to train your brain

Preparing this article I asked my neighbor what helped him to change.

The answer was “Books”.

At first, he literally made himself read at least 10–15 pages before going to sleep, but later Viktor unwittingly fell in love with reading and even joined a library.

He began with easy pieces – detective stories – but then continued with classics.

Now he says he prefers diaries and memoires of famous people. Yes, he won’t study scientific literature as his fiancée does, but he doesn’t need it.

Now my neighbor encourages me to discuss “Steve Job’s secrets of life” instead of asking “Come on, Julia, why don’t you watch this funny sitcom?

It’s hilarious! This is a real movie about a real life!”

One more advice from Viktor: train your brain with pleasure.

For example, you hear a good song on the radio. Then open a webpage, read the history of its creation, its author, and his way to success.

If you read a book or even some yellow pages and find an unknown historical character or event, don’t idle to fill in the gaps of your education!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”
Henry Ford

To train your brain, you can also…

  1. Do much walking – brain cells need oxygen.
  2. Eat well and correctly.
    Eat more brain food: vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, oily fish. Avoid sweet soda, chips, alcohol, smoked foods and so on.
  3. Play mind games: riddles, chess, puzzles, crosswords, “Scrabble” and so on.
  4. Develop ambidexterity.
    Work, write, and eat using both hands.
  5. Substitute serials with developmental video. Write down the most influential thoughts and read them from time to time.
  6. Alternate brainwork with rest.
    It doesn’t mean you must flop on the coach and turn on a soap opera. You’d better have a walk or read something light and useful.
  7. Don’t spam your browser with bookmarks like “Superstar rumours”, “Gag videos” and so on.
    Better give preference to interesting sites that can teach you. For example, subscribe to our site Motivational tips and may your brain be daily inspired with fresh and encouraging material!

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Once again you’ll know how important it is to train your brain!

Remember, brain exercises aren’t meant for superheroes. Any person can do them!

Only you are the sculptor of your life. It’s up to you to make it dull and miserable or fit and successful!

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