How to believe in yourself: 10 effective tips

Use these 10 tips every day and you will always believe in yourself and achieve your goals!


How to believe in yourself?

This question seems to be very easy at first sight; however it actually presupposes some difficulties.

There are people who live their lives with dignity, with faith and hope for their bright future, who are self-confident and know exactly what they want to achieve. Usually such people become successful and are on their own feet.

However, there is also another type of people who lack confidence in themselves and their future, and pessimistically take encouraging words like “Everything is going to be alright!”

1. How to believe in yourself: stop overreacting!

First of all, you have to learn to take everything easy and stop taking everything close to your heart! Make a rule of repeating such guidelines: “Nothing is impossible! I can do everything! It’s so easy! I need a bit more time, and then everything will go off without a hitch!”

This is my professional psychological advice to you.

Believe me, it really works!

People often start making a mountain out of a molehill, which only complicates the situation. There is no need to start panicking, it’s always better to take an objective look on your problem.

2. How to believe in yourself: believe in your abilities!

There is another mistake that most people usually make: it’s the disbelief in one’s own talents and skills!

We tend to compare ourselves with other people, who have failed at solving problems that are similar to our own.

As a result, we say: “He has failed at this, that’s why I would not succeed either!”

You should not think this way.

Not necessarily you will also fail to solve a similar problem; every person has different skills and knowledge! You should not always look up and rely on others; you’d better take control over the situation and start acting RIGHT NOW! If you can’t live without comparing yourself with someone else, choose a successful person, who easily overcomes difficulties!

3. How to believe in yourself: recollect your previous achievements and victories more often!

Do you remember yourself during your school or college years?

Have you participated in competitions and contests between students?

Have you been a group ringleader?

Try to apply your past experience in your present.

It may not bring you the unbelievable results, but it will definitely make you believe in yourself!

Raise your standards; set yourself a few goals (even if some of them would seem unreal to you), determine deadlines for their achievements and never back off.

In this case you will definitely start respecting yourself.

You will widen your mental outlook and perfect yourself!

4. How to believe in yourself: forget all situations and words that have lowered your self-esteem!

«Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.»
Chantal Sutherland

Have you ever heard such words in your childhood: “You will never amount to anything!”, “You will be able only to sweep the streets in your future!”, “Look at our neighbors’ child, he’s good at everything, unlike you!”

Parents, who tell their children such awful words, hurt them psychologically, not always paying attention to what exactly they are saying.

However, when a person grows up, he/she cannot succeed in anything, because he/she always recollects his/her parents’ words about his/her failures.

Obviously, this issue can also be solved, but it’s not as easy to do as it may seem at first sight.

Another example: a person might have had problems in the relationships with the opposite sex.

However, it doesn’t mean that he/she will encounter such problems in the future!

5. How to believe in yourself: stop being a story teller; try to be rational in every situation!

There are also completely “opposite” situations in life, when a person set goals, then achieves them, trying to raise his/her standards. He/she acts with such passion and excitement that starts perceiving everything as a game.

However, some goals are unachievable, e.g. nobody can become a millionaire in a month, and this may lead to disappointment (“I didn’t manage to do it”, “I failed”). As a result, a person stops believing in his/her skills and abilities.

That’s why you should always correlate your goals with proper timing.

6. How to believe in yourself: always have your own opinion on things!

People are the part of society, they cannot live in isolation and usually they value the opinion of the majority.

Have you heard the phrase: “He lets others think for himself”?

Sometimes we value somebody else’s opinion more than our own.

However, somebody’s point of view is not always right, and not everybody gives recommendations with good motives.

Some people may try to make fun of you, while you will follow their advice!

As a result, you can lose self-confidence and stop trusting people.

Stop counting on the opinion of the majority! You should make your own decisions.

It’s your life and nobody else is responsible for it!

7. How to believe in yourself: set priorities properly!

Try to understand what is primary and what is secondary in your life.

We often burden ourselves with impossible tasks.

As a result, we solve problems of less importance first, ignoring the most important ones.

In this case we may also lose belief in ourselves.

8. How to believe in yourself: surround yourself with successful and positively-minded people!

Let me remind you one more time: people live in the society, and they need to communicate with each other!

Positively-minded people will help you to raise your spirits and encourage you to work harder!

However, you should avoid communicating with envious people and scandalmongers; otherwise you will follow their example and become one of them!

9. How to believe in yourself: avoid stress and depression!

They can be described as one of the most powerful emotional state of a person. Unfortunately, this state affects people negatively.

Imagine a person with a low self-esteem.

If he suffers a stress, he will end up with a nervous breakdown!

10. How to believe in yourself: lead a healthy way of life!

A person with clear thoughts is able to estimate the situation rationally and to accept difficulties on his/her way with a desire to overcome them!

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