How to Leave Your Wife?

Your relationships have exhausted themselves and you are thinking how to leave your wife, aren’t you? This article is sure to supply you with all useful recommendations.


In a definite moment of time every one of us can ask a question what to do, in case the relationships with a partner exhausted and you need to end them.

There may be various reasons, but once you’ll understand that the best years of your life are wasted with this man.

This is when the end comes and you have to leave.

Though … the solution is that obvious, it’s not an easy thing to put it into life and many people simply fail to do it.

There is no doubt that before making this step many men are thinking how to leave the wife and do it without hurting the wife.

However, many women believe such situation will never happen to them. Moreover, if they are in love, they are not able to see which changes happened in the life of the beloved one.

Nevertheless, when a husband announces he chose to leave his wife, there are some reasons for it.

When the final decision is made, it must be implemented as tactfully as possible.

The reasons why a man will look for a way how to leave his wife

  • A woman is not interesting to a man anymore.

    In order to build serious relationships a man is searching if not for a perfect woman, then for a one very close to it.

    When a wife doesn’t have no idea how to surprise a man, maintain the interesting conversation or make him happy, he’ll be bored to death with her very soon.

    One more important thing is when a woman stopped being the source of man’s success.

  • Inability or unwillingness to keep cosy atmosphere at home.

    Since ancient times a woman has been considered the keeper of the family hearth.

    Notwithstanding that nowadays both career and money making are carried on a lady’s fragile shoulders, a man still expects that it’ll be always clean at home, there will be a tasty dinner on the table, and his shirts will be washed and ironed.

  • Endless bad, cheerless mood and complaints about life.

    Such is the custom that men like only cheerful, bright women, who radiate optimism and bring happiness.

    The men are more inclined to depressions and lack of self-confidence by their nature, that’s why they reach for the vivacious girls.

    Men alienate cheerless, sad, always whining women, who like to complain on how many difficulties they have.

    A man hates not this girl, but his condition when he is in her company.

  • A woman is constantly making a row.

    It’s the hit among the real reasons for breakups, which never loses its popularity.

    Men are non-conflict by the nature; they seek rest and relax in the relationships.

    If a wife can’t accept a compromise, argues about every issue, raises the voice and cannot control the emotions, the result is one and only – a man won’t have any desire to continue the relationships with a hysterical woman.

  • Unfaithfulness.

    There is nothing to discuss here.

    It’s a rare situation when a husband can forgive an unfaithful wife, he won’t be able to trust his wife in the future.

    Of course, a wife can try to approach to a husband, promise it won’t happen again, but she can’t count on serious relations.

    How to Forgive Infidelity?

  • A woman tells tales out of school.

    Everything that happens between two people, not only their intimate relationship, but arguments and discontent with the partner, must stay only between two of them.

    Many women complain to their girl-friends, mother or other relatives.

    If a husband gets to know his wife has a long tongue and private life is not private at all, he will soon want to leave her.

  • A man loves with his eyes.

    A husband mustn’t love his wife as she is.

    If he married a slim blond and after marriage she turned into a fat creature with greasy hair, who should be blamed for the loss of interest?

    That’s why, if a woman stopped taking care of herself, she should expect some claims from the husband soon.

  • A woman earns more.

    Nowadays, it’s a very common reason due to which many couples divorce.

    A business lady becomes successful and a man less confident.

    The situation gets worse, if the wife starts to reproach the husband.

How to leave your wife?


  1. Before you leave your wife, think over the decision once again.

    Take a sheet of paper and write down why you decided to do it.

    Remember when you decided to marry this girl; you did it for some reason.

    What happened? Has the relation to your wife changed?

    Or doing it you want to let her change the attitude towards you.

    If you are certain about your decision, you must prepare to the parting, because such relationships have no future.

  2. Try to talk to your wife with tact and tell her how tired you are and you would like to rest from each other.

    Saying it, make sure you say for how long you will be separated, for example for half a year.

    Besides, add how you are going to help: morally and with money. It won’t hurt her self-esteem so much.

    In such situation a wife will accept the news less painful. Nevertheless, you must speak firmly and say this is not a matter of discussion.

    When the time passes, and your decision doesn’t change, suggest her leaving things as they are.

    A woman will also have some time to think everything over and then your relationships may come to a different level.

    Everyone will live his life.

  3. If a thought to leave your wife occurs again and again, you must learn how to speak to her with tact and correctly.

    Psychologists recommend talking about it on the neutral territory.

    You must come up with plenty of good arguments and be ready for any reaction of a wife. Nobody knows your wife better than you do.

    The reaction may be unexpected, that’s why you must thoroughly prepare and be ready for the conversation.

  4. If a husband decided to leave a pregnant wife, the situation won’t be solved easily.

    Firstly, you must think about it a lot.

    Having decided to get a baby, you were happy and now imagine this baby, who is guilty of exactly nothing; maybe you’ll change your mind.

    Though, if you don’t even think about it, tell her honestly, directly and at once.

    Promise you won’t let her alone and will always help, but don’t give her hope by this.

    Speak reasonably and with benevolence, don’t try to evoke the feeling of guilt, try to maintain friendly relations.

    Everybody has a right to make his own decision.

Two ways how to leave your wife

  • Leave your wife like a gentleman.

    First of all, try to talk to your wife.

    Such conversation should be announced beforehand.

    Book a table in a luxurious restaurant and ask your wife out on a dinner.

    It will be a pleasant surprise for every lady regardless of the topic of the conversation, because this gesture is a sign of an unquestionable respect.

    Be calm and reasonable, explain the reasons why you leave her and say how impossible the continuation of life together is.

    Speak not how great you’ll be without her, but on the contrary – how your absence in the life will make her existence easier.

    Up to this moment your relations are likely to become cold enough and the divorce may actually bring good not only to you.

    If your second half is jealous and you leave in order to go to another woman, try to avoid this topic.

  • Leave your wife like a partisan.

    Maybe not completely like this.

    At least, before you leave her (and you are sure to have planned it beforehand), you must write an explanation letter with the detailed explanation of all reasons why you disappear.

    Put in the letter a credit card with a PIN-code and a monthly limit – it’s quite possible this decision will do a wonderful calming effect on an abandoned wife.

    Such credit card will be good anyway – whether you leave in a secret or after a heart-to-heart talk, especially, if there is a child in the family.

    You must be fully aware of the responsibilities towards your children, which must be kept regardless of place of living or relations with the mother.

It’s easier to leave a wife than to work on the relationships and put the maximum into them. Love doesn’t leave, it develops and gets stronger, if you put some efforts to it.

If you do completely nothing, love becomes dull.

That’s why before you think how to leave your wife, you should think it over at least few times and try to reconsider your relationships.

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