How to Train Your Dog to Stay in the Yard?

How to train your dog to stay in the yard discovering 3 reasons why they escape + 6 tricks + 3 conditions how to train your dog.


Almost every dog wishes to run and jump in the street.

However, in case the pet attempts to leave the yard all the time, every walk turns into a challenge.

The main task of any person is to study the ways of keeping his friend with four paws safe.

You must discover how to train your dog to stay in the yard.

One of the solutions to this problem is to read our article.

Why does not a dog stay in the backyard?

3 frequently occurring reasons why they leave the yard:

  1. The fear.

    Define whether the animal does it from fear.

    An animal might be trying to hide from something or something is terrifying it.

    Dogs often react this way to the noise such as varoom or the sounds from the construction site.

    An animal can be also afraid of the visual images such as bright light, a stranger passing by the pavement near your home.

  2. The reproductive instinct.

    Discover whether the pet runs away to find his match.

    Starting from six months they are interested in the representatives of the opposite sex.

    The male dogs are more inclined to leave the territory if they feel the smell of the female dog during the periods.

  3. The fear of separation.

    Observe whether the pet has a fear of separation because it might simply miss you.

    The fear of separation appears due to the attachment to the owner and it is evoked after you go somewhere because it thinks how to go with you.

How to train your dog to stay in the yard teaching it the command “Place”?

Step 1 is to link the animal to the long lead and order it to lie down.

Step 2 is to put near it a big item such as a bag.

Pay attention that this must be your personal belonging which the puppy knows.

Do not use the things that belong to other people or to your pet (a muzzle, toys or a bowl).

Step 3 is to repeat the command “Down” and step away for 5 steps.

Step 4 is to wait for 3 seconds, command “Come” and after the animal approaches you, praise it.

Step 5 is to command “Place” showing at the bag.

In order to assist, you’d better start moving towards the thing but never pull the lead.

During the walk, you should cheerfully repeat “Place, place”.

Step 6 is to reach the destination, command “Down” and treat it with something.

When the dog refuses to do it without you, try the following: call it, sit it near you and command “Stay”.

Then show a treat and go to that place on your own.

Put the treat near the bag and get back to the puppy.

Command “Place” and if it runs and lies down there, you should praise it and let it eat the treat.

6 tricks how to train your dog to stay in the yard

  1. A command “Come”.

    Your dog must learn how to run to you at a word.

    The most important command it must know is “Come”.

    A dog which comes at a word may be easily controlled.

    As a rule, there are no troubles with it.

    The potential runaway might be prevented by “Sit” and “Heel”, too.

    Never command “Heel” if you are going to do things your pet won’t like.

    Instead of it, you must approach, grab the collar by the lead and take the animal where you want.

  2. Training.

    How to train your dog to stay in the yard?

    In case it regularly runs away, you’d better turn its attention to other things.

    A good way out may be the training.

    However, even after you trained the dog to stay in the territory, you must continue training.

    It’s a wonderful chance to enjoy common pastime, train how to be a part of a team and how to cooperate in the changeable conditions.

    Meanwhile, the animal is loaded too much to be eager to run in the street.

  3. Sterilization.

    Castrated dogs are less inclined to itinerancy and they do not interest other dogs.

    On the other hand, you must always keep an eye on the non-castrated ones.

  4. The fence.

    Specify the space where it can move.

    A strong fence is going to help you in it, but it must be rather high (lest the pet could jump over it).

    Close every hole.

    In addition, you should be aware that the cemented foundation is the best in such situation (the pet won’t make a tunnel).

    In case it’s impossible to set the fence, you can put your puppy on the long lead, which is tightly fixed to the heavy object.

    In case you leave it alone in the backyard, you must keep an eye on it every now and then at least till it stops running away.

  5. Behavior.

    Always work on the behavior of your dog because it is your obligation to train it to know what it is allowed to do and what not.

    Go to the backyard together. In case you have not taught it all commands, you should have it on the lead.

    Let it run and play.

    However, the moment it runs from the yard, call it back.

    After it returned, you must praise it and give something tasty.

    Repeat it several times. Soon, the animal will get used to staying in the territory.

  6. Enjoy the games with your pet.

    Very frequently the man’s best friends run away because they wish to have an adventure.

    Make the backyard interesting for your animal and it won’t wish to get out of there.

    Play the games which it likes the most.

    Train its obedience and always praise it with the tasty rewards.

    In case you do now want to play active games, you might let it bite its favorite rubber toy.

  7. Add variety to your dog’s life.

    Very often the yards are not interesting at all.

    Walk to the park with your pet, take it to the field or some special training grounds.

    Very often only those ones leave which are very bored with their owners.

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3 conditions how to train your dog to stay in the yard

  1. Take its toys outside.

    Regardless of the fact that your puppy has learned how to be in the yard unchained, it does not prove it won’t wish to run away some time when it walks freely around it.

    The toys are sure to transform its thoughts into the desire to play with them.

    A useful piece of advice is to renew the toys every now and then, lest the animal was bored with the old ones and wanted to travel somewhere.

  2. Install the doghouse.

    In the yard, you must build a doghouse as a protection from the sun, wind or rainy weather.

    In case you are not certain which one is needed, visit a pet store in your area to consult a specialist about what will be suitable for your animal.

    Mind that it will take the pet some time to get used to the doghouse.

  3. Regularly go for a walk with your friend.

    The aim of the walks is to relieve its excess energy.

    This way, your animal is sure to be less tempted to escape when it walks freely.

    Do it regularly – once or two times per day – and it’ll secure the animal with enough physical loads.

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How to train your dog to stay in the yard learning some useful tips and warnings?

  1. The invisible electronic fence is an extremely effective method to train your dog to stay where you want.

    There can be only your dog on the territory which is surrounded by this fence.

    Do not let other people and animals there.

  2. Under no condition hit the dog!

    Surely, it will be afraid of you.

    Nevertheless, the good and trustworthy relationships will never appear.

    Your pet must trust you!

  3. Never use the stick – only the carrot.

    Each time it gets back to you, praise it and give something tasty.

    The common pastime must be the pleasure for both of you.

  4. Never punish your pet after the breakout.

    Otherwise, it will have the association of the punishment with the place where it happened.

    Punish it only in case you catch it in the attempt to escape.

How to train your dog to stay in the yard?

All described instructions and recommendations are sure to help you train the pet to stay in the yard.

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