How to Become a Freelance Writer: Instruction

Are you eager to find out how to become a freelance writer? In the article below you are sure to come across some useful pieces of advice on where to begin.


Well, you believe you a potential future writer and you are thinking of developing yourself in this sphere.

Nowadays, people tight themselves to freelance in order to work on themselves.

You may pick such direction on the permanent basis and turn this activity into a source of income for existence or use it as an additional way to get money combining it with the main job.

Besides, you may do it just for fun or even master this skill in order to add to your CV.

The article deals with the basics, which are sure to uncover the peculiarities of how to become a freelance writer.

Where to start in order to become a freelance writer?

Firstly, you should try your career in literature from the narrative stories, which you may create to save in the table or to order for various magazines and newspapers.

Most editors gladly cooperate with freelance writers.

The sum of money depends on the number of signs with spaces.

When your portfolio starts to grow, you’ll definitely notice how your experience improved.

Then, perhaps, you’ll dare to create something bigger than an essay – a novella or a novel.

What to do to become a freelance writer:

  1. It’s desirable to buy a computer and learn how to do business on the Internet.

    Publishers mostly wish to get the copies of books, novellas, stories and articles only in the non-legible form.

  2. An author must watch at the event from the point of view of a writer and it’s better to start a writer’s journal keeping it close at hand.

    They are likely to help you master your literary skills, every day writing there about all the things.

    One can fix his thoughts there, put down his observations of a day and take notes of the details of human characters, and describe various scenes from life.

  3. A future freelance writer must notice the peculiarities of human characters, details of appearance and try to guess the motives of human actions.

    Just as Ayn Rand said “to know what makes a man tick”.

  4. Writing a book you must focus on the potential audience and know which emotions you wish to evoke in a reader: sadness, happiness, laugh…

Now, let’s deal with the basics of the writer’s work:

  • literacy and the knowledge of the literature theory;
  • extensive reading in your genre;
  • observation skills and originality;
  • knowing how to “wrap” your thoughts on paper and how to write melodiously;
  • fantasy;
  • become a hard worker and have much enthusiasm;
  • the desire to speak up.

How to become a freelance writer — step-by-step instruction

The world is full of possibilities how to start the career of a writer.

In order to realize all of them a freelance must use all his mastery.

A freelance writer is a person, who writes texts for order, having no work relationship with any company or publishing house, which works as a small entrepreneur or independent contractor.

Step-by-step instruction on how to become a freelance writer:

  1. Finally decide if you actually wish to become a writer.

    Writing is not a very stable source of income, especially when you become a freelancer.

    You’ll probably be more than satisfied in the creative sphere, but, at the same time, you’ll have to sacrifice the financial side of this question.

    Before you step on this path, decide if it’s really what you want to become.

  2. Think what topics you find interesting and which ones you know the most, find magazines and newspapers, which are dedicated to them.

    The Writer’s Market may become a nice starting point, because this package is likely to show you how to discover the publishing houses, in which you might probably get a job.

    Look for small local magazines or newspapers, which loof for the authors.

  3. Make a blog with well-written articles that have evidence base.

    Use your texts and the clippings from your printed articles from the previously mentioned local media.

  4. Send the applications to the publishers, which may be interested (to your mind) in you as in writer.

    You can also find the examples of such applications in the Writer’s Market.

  5. Start visiting special lessons, where you’ll learn how to write topical selling articles and applications.

  6. Become a member of the writer’s club.

    Such kind of organization will connect you with the needed acquaintances, and correct your mistakes and inaccuracy in the already written texts.

    Some writer’s clubs even have authors, who will gladly transfer their professional experience and secrets of how to become successful.

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How can a freelance writer be published?

The manuscript is ready but you have no idea what to do next, do you?

First of all, you’d better give it to a close person to read and find out his opinion.

Perhaps, you’ll need to rewrite some parts.

You may start looking for a publishing house at once.

Nowadays, most book editors have their own websites, where the future writers have a special page with recommendations.

It also includes the demands to the manuscript and the contact information or e-mail, where you can send it.

Some agencies accept only full copies, some need only the first three chapters (that’s why you should definitely work hard at the beginning).

All publishing houses require synopsis – a short retelling of the main events in the novel, which is written in the present tense.

The term of processing is different for all editors, but in average it takes from one to three months.

If a publishing house is interested in the story, they will definitely contact the writer and ask to send the full copy of the manuscript (if there were only three chapters) or offer to sign the contract.

The new writers usually sell the author’s rights and get the earned fee.

The sum of money depends on the book’s edition (the number of copies), which is defined by the publishing house.

It means that the more an editor likes your book, the more money it will bring you.

How to become a freelance writer on the Internet?

If you are thinking about how to become a freelance writer on the Internet, you should remember that it may be rather difficult to make yourself write according to the certain topic and on time.

That’s why we made a list of tips, which will definitely help you to avoid difficulties at the early stages.

Instruction on how to become a freelance writer on the Internet:

  1. Reveal your passion for writing.

    The profession of online-writer will certainly suit those, who love writing.

    Perhaps, it’ll be just a small poem for a children’s magazine or a short story for the college newspaper.

  2. Conduct experiments in the family and friends circle.

    These are the people who are sure to support you and they will be there with you, when you need it.

    It’s high time you used it and let family members look at your text and think about the details.

    Listen to all comments about the article.

    Remember that the members of your family are the first people who read you.

  3. At first, you’d better write at least five texts.

    A good writer must be fruitful.

    The easiest way to start your career of a freelance writer is fruitful work.

    Look though a book you just finished reading or a film you really enjoyed.

    You have an opportunity to cover the problems at work, arguments with your boss or colleagues, or a pleasant evening spent with your favorite person or a recent date.

    If you have children, the topics for articles will never end!

  4. The article must reflect your vision of a situation but not your personality.

    The article must not look like a personal opinion.

    Write on your behalf, but always remember to set a limit.

    Besides, if you write about a certain topic or describe the life of society, make sure you mention the facts (Google/Wikipedia are full of various facts) but do not express a subjective opinion.

  5. Start your own blog!

    Everybody reads blogs!

    You’ll have an opportunity to write anything you want, express your point of view and note everything according to your taste.

    Be careful with the content, because the editors from the content exchange might read them as well.

  6. Do not be disappointed in case you were fooled.

    You’ll read much information about negative feedback, bad experience, etc.

    Usually, people share suchlike feedback on the ground of their own experience of being a freelance writer.

    Even if you failed, do not let yourself fold wings.

    Remember that will-power and obstinacy will surely lead you to financial reward.

  7. Conduct the research in order to become a freelance writer.

    Yes, you’ll have to do it all the time.

    Look up in the Internet the agencies, which offer the paid job of a freelance writer and make sure these websites have legal activity.

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  8. Write a nice article.

    Your first text must produce good impression.

    The editors of online-magazines have plenty of articles, which they need to look though.

    Simplify their job and you are sure to get the desired job of a freelancer!

    Your article must be attractive, clear, simple (pompous and decorated speech is not appropriate here), and with a note of humor.

    Check the spelling, format and grammar.

    The editors should imagine the reader, who enjoys reading your article, and highly appraises it.

  9. Do not demand or expect the huge income.

    Separate freelance exchanges will ask about your expectations.

    Do not set too high prices; otherwise, you’ll lose the customer.

    Be modest and ask for the reasonable payment for your services.

    If you are a newcomer, you’ll probably have low rating and you won’t make much money at first.

  10. Browse your article and continue acting.

    After you browsed the article, you should not set your expectations high.

    If you are lucky, and the agency chooses right, you’ll have a big chance to get the promised sum of money.

Recommendations on how to become a freelance writer

  • Don’t worry, if you have no diploma of a journalist, because it’s not obligatory to have it.

    Just do not stop writing and trying to publish your works.

  • Write non-stop, because only this way you’ll learn how to do it better.
  • Properly divide your time and plan the day, so that you were able to finish the work in time.
  • Do not reject the voluntary work at first, so that you were finally published.
  • Be patient and never give up, even if few of your works were rejected by the editor.
  • Value all offers from the professional editors.

    They are the best teachers for the writers, who wish to work in the sphere of literature or commercial establishments, because they are able to give more knowledge than any courses.

So, if you are thinking about how to become a freelance writer, but you hesitate, be aware that it’s not necessary to graduate from the literature department (many graduates have never become the writers and visa verse).

The main thing is to develop the writer’s talent, read a lot in your genre and try to say something new to the readers.

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