How to Become a Better Basketball Player: 7 Rules

How to become a better basketball player: 5 qualities of the physical training + 7 rules of the technique training + 9 practical skills + 9 useful tips.


Today we’ll share with you some simple recommendations which let the beginners discover how to get used to training on their own and become better basketball players.

The future development and improvement of the mastery depend on whether a sportsman is able to master the skills of individual training.

The topic of today’s article is how to become a better basketball player.

How to become a better basketball player using the physical training?

Just like any other sportsman, a basketball player should be an all-rounder.

If you wish to find out how to become a great basketball player, learn how to develop 5 main qualities: strength; agility; speed; spring abilities; endurance.

When you are at the general team practice, you master the general and special physical training.

Nevertheless, if you play only basketball, you won’t achieve the good all-round physical shape.

In order to reach it, you’d better go in for other kinds of sports.

Firstly, it’s track and fields athletics.

The main physical qualities in basketball are said to be the strength, endurance, and speed.

The rest of qualities, such as spring abilities and agility, completely depend on the level of development of the main qualities.

Every kind of sport has certain peculiarities of these qualities.

That’s why you should remember it improving them.

How to become a good basketball player using the technique training?

7 important rules of technique training a better basketball player needs to know:

  1. There are no limits in the variety and perfection of the techniques and in most cases it fully depends on the individual qualities of a sportsman.
  2. Sportsmen must master on their own the quality of performance of different techniques, their variety as well as application during the game.
  3. If a sportsman constantly develops his technique, later he is sure to reach the record virtuosity.
  4. During your own practice, you should not only eliminate your drawbacks but master your strong sides of the preparation.

    You must improve them till you reach

  5. However, you should not go too far.

    The beginners must acquire the whole arsenal of the techniques.

  6. The players can start specializing only in case they already picked up these or those techniques which define their personal style.
  7. You should also remember that when training on your own you should master your weak sides and do your best to get rid of the drawbacks.

How to become a great basketball player using the practical skills?

9 essential basketball skills which are sure to make your game better:

  1. Every kind of sports begins with flexibility.

    Do your best to make your muscles work.

    It is essential to eliminate the possible situations like you run fast and twist the ankle or pull a muscle in your leg.

  2. Study all basketball rules play according to them.

    It means you are aware how one may get a foul and what is double dribble, how to dribble, knock down a shot, rebound, etc.

    In addition, a wonderful option is to meet a skillful basketball player who is able to coach you.

  3. Dribble, knock down a shot, rebound and do other exercises.

    Become your own boss, choose a sports ground and work hard there!

    Handle the ball, dribble faster and slower.

    Practice throwing a ball up in the air and catching it, throw it from various places and gain perfect skills.

  4. Train with other basketball players.

    Study the definitions of different terms and regularly use them.

    They must be natural for you.

    Practice them in your games, too.

  5. You must know how to be a part of a team and become a better teammate.

    Often deliver the passes, run to the open zone to help a teammate who is blocked by the rivals, assist with the blocks, rebounds, etc.

  6. Invent new tricks.

    Begin from the usual ones and gradually reach the most difficult.

    Be patient and continue to practice till you are able to do them!

    Never give up as this is a sign that you lack determination.

    Go to the sports field and play!

  7. Play it every day or once in two days.

    Play as often as you have a chance.

    Develop patience and the feeling of devotion to the game.

    You won’t quit even two or three months after training.

    Study how to avoid double dribbling, etc.

  8. Join other sportsmen.

    As a player, you must know what you deal with.

    Play with people of the same age.

    If you fail to do something, work harder or play with people who are younger.

    When you go to the field again, your partners will notice the improvement you achieved.

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  9. Dribbling!

    The only possible way to achieve success in this sphere is good dribbling.

    You may be the most accurate basketball player on Earth but it’s extremely difficult to become a better player without dribbling.

How to become a better basketball player using some tips?

9 helpful pieces of advice on how to become a good basketball player:

  1. Hard work is the key to becoming a great basketball player.

    Good spirit and confidence are sure to help, too.

  2. The attacks win the games while the defense loses the championships.
  3. Eat healthy food and eat more.

    During the game you lose calories very fast, that’s why in order to stay healthy you need to restore them.

  4. When you play defense, stand face to face with your opponent, between him and the basket.
  5. Get used to interacting with other teammates, learn all signals, etc.
  6. The team wins the game, not a player.

    You must be a team if you want to win.

  7. Be sociable and never scream at your partners.

    Why do you think you are better than they?

    The arrogance has never been an attractive trait of character.

    Do not cross the line.

  8. The judges are sure to respect you more if you play honestly and well.
  9. Earn the respect, make new friends and find people who will support you.

How to become a good basketball player learning all warnings?

5 simple warnings which are likely to save you from the mistakes:

  1. Do not be afraid to throw a ball or dribble only because you think you are not ready.

    Do not boast of anything but let your partners know you are here for a reason and you are not useless!

  2. Do not lie to yourself that you do not need flexibility.

    This is a huge mistake.

    Perhaps, now you won’t be hurt but gradually you’ll increase your chances to be injured and when it happens, you’ll blame yourself for it.

    Be smarter.

  3. Do not be silly.

    You are not obliged to be of certain height and skin color to play basketball.

    Every person can play and enjoy the game.

    Mind your own business and never offend others.

  4. Do not boast.

    Do not be mean.

    Otherwise, people will put you in your place and take you off the game.

  5. Do not practice basketball in the closed rooms because it may irritate people who live with you.

    Moreover, you risk breaking something.

    You must be extremely careful even if you just throw it up and down.

Basketball requires the natural skills but you can become a better player if you keep fit, train hard and master all tricks of this game.

Good sportsmen go all out during the training to improve their results in the game.

Moreover, they have some personal traits which the coaches value high.

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