How to Set and Achieve Goals?

A detailed instruction how to set and achieve goals in the shortest terms. Read the article and start acting right now to achieve what you desire.


Many people want to know how to set and achieve goals in order to feel the pleasure, fulfillment, happiness and joy of life.

The one, who does not set targets, does not achieve them and stays a miserable person.

That’s why, it’s extremely important, especially nowadays, to learn how to set goals correctly and how to achieve them.

You won’t lose anything, if you just set a target. Besides, there is no sense in wasting time on setting goals and being afraid they are impossible to achieve.

The article will show you how to set goals and achieve them, what you should know about it, and what you should do to create great ambitions and find methods how to achieve them as soon as possible.

A person feels huge happiness and pleasure, when he moves towards his target, but not instantly achieves it.

When a person has achieved his goal, he must immediately set a new target lest he became miserable again.

The parameters, which your goal must correspond to, so that you could achieve it

  • A goal must motivate you.

    If you don’t feel the fit of energy, when you think about the moment of fulfilling your aim, it probably does not motivate you enough.

    Set ambitious goals, which are sure to stimulate you to work.

  • A goal has to be very distinct and clear.

    The example of the nice goal is to buy a three-bedroom apartment in the center of the city.

    A bad formulated goal looks like this – to get accommodation (it is incomprehensible which kind or where, your own or rented).

  • It must have the time of achieving.

    Many people are afraid to set a concrete date, up to which they are to reach what they want, because they don’t want to feel a looser, if they fail.

    However, when you don’t put a term to achieve your goal, you may never achieve it at all!

  • A goal must be real.

    Setting unreal goals means making them knowingly impossible to achieve. Such ambitions won’t bring any good to your psyche.

    Reality and unreality of a goal everybody defines on his/her own, nevertheless, you must believe your goal is reachable.

How to set and achieve goals: a detailed instruction.

  1. You must formulate the goal as a positive statement.

    It should not sound like – I don’t want to work for somebody forever. It must sound like – I want to be the owner of my business.

    Most of us face problems in the fulfillment of our goals, because we did not define what we want or where we aim. Good luck comes to those, who imagine clearly the picture of what the final result will look like.

    So, let’s remember the unshakable rule – set the goals in the affirmative form: I will…, I’ll learn…, I’ll become…, I chose…

    If you express your ambitions correctly, your subconscious desire to succeed will lead you straight to it.

  2. Divide the goal on the intermediate stages and write them down.

    For example, you want to learn how to drive a car.

    • sign up for the driving courses,
    • hire a private instructor,
    • learn the rules of road regulations and the mechanics of the car on my own.

    The first goal we divide on the smaller ones:

    • start saving a definite sum of money to pay for the courses;
    • plan, when it will be more convenient to have lessons, where it will be better to drive and what I should wear;
    • buy a newspaper with the advertisements and call to the numbers, which I find interesting;
    • look for the ads on the Internet;
    • ask my acquaintances and friends about the qualitative and inexpensive courses.

    How to motivate yourself?

    Plan everything on a big white sheet of paper, with colorful arrows and hand on the visible place: on the door of the room or over the bed.

    Make sure you write your goals. Remember that a pen, a sheet of paper and the words, which line up on this paper possess more power that simply your dreams.

    Visible targets will bring you courage to finish what you started and let you know how close you are to the goal and how much you still have to do.

    Plan your success, write your own scenario – this is a very important moment in the success’s achievement!

  3. Take a full responsibility for this decision.

    • Remember that the goal’s realization, or to be more exact, its achievement depends only on you – fair and square.
      So, think again – do you really desire it with all your heart? Not for the sake of your husband, boss, sponsor, friend or mother, but for yourself?

      Otherwise, the efforts spent on it may become the new investment to the piggy bank of your failed initiatives.

    • You must ask yourself what you really want, what you are certain you actually need.
    • Do not say you still try to define what you need, because you still don’t know it. If you actually bother thinking about it, you’ll feel subconsciously what you really need. We always know what we need on some deep, subconscious levels.

    • Have you set the goals? – Now, it’s time you made decisions. If you don’t do it now, at this very moment, someone else will make the decision instead of you. Moreover, it may not necessarily be the decision that you need.
  4. Foresee the possibility of the unfavourable development of the events and plan what you will do in such situation.

    Don’t wait for the defeat, be ready for it.

    Take into account all possible obstacles on the way to your goal, inner and outer factors, which may prevent you from achieving your target.

    Always remember that there are no failures, there is only experience, which you acquire.

    You go ahead, that’s why you will make mistakes, actually plenty of them, but those, who will stay behind can relax and rest on the laurels without mistakes (or success).

  5. Imagine the achievement of the goal as colorful as possible.

    Involve your hearing, eyesight, taste, sense of touch and smell…

    Well, this is the visual picture of your success.

    What do you see?

    A deserted sand beach, sea waves, which lick your bare feet, the wind, which brings you the aroma of exotic flowers – if you dream of a private island, you must imagine your goal just like this, very visible.

    You understand – the goal or, to be more precise, its achievement must be imagined as detailed as possible, with all slightest details, nuances and specifications.

  6. Define your advantages.

    One of the most widespread mistakes, which many people do when they set goals – is to set too high picks or too many goals at once.

    It does not necessarily mean that you must limit your wishes – you may get all of them, everything you want and achieve what you wish.

    The matter is about a different thing. Your goals are not the promises, which the destiny gives to you. Your goals are your responsibilities.

    If you want to be the boss of the company, you should learn how to control people at first.

    The dearest wishes and goals are born not in mind, but in heart. You will never be sincerely devoted to your goal, until you see clear all the advantages and profits, which you get in case of success.

    So, in order to save the enthusiasm and persistence in goal achievement, you must clearly define the advantages you get from the spent efforts.

  7. Believe with all your heart that you achieve the goal.

    Never let yourself doubt it.

    Try to behave in the everyday life as if you already reached the target and possess what you dreamt about.

    In order to do it, you should often recall the picture of your success in your mind, transfer yourself to that situation and act (speak, walk, wear clothes), as if you were already there.

  8. Finally, in order to achieve goals, do the first step.

    Always mind that every minute you have a choice – to stop or to go on working according to your plan.

    Any moment you may change your mind – as soon as you wish it.

    However, now it’s important to START. Do the first step on the way to your goal (you’ve already defined it) and focus on the next one.

    Do not think how to overcome the whole space with one try. Just do it step by step. The most grandiose plans were achieved this way – step by step, overcoming one defeat after another and still continuing to move on.

    Your subconscious, which is focused on the goal, will always send you to the right path; you should only listen to yourself attentively!

7 motivational tips, how to succeed in life

Few principles, which you should mind while setting and achieving goals


  • Constantly add something new, don’t stop on the achieved.
  • Rely only on yourself.
  • Eliminate from your life things, which prevent you from achieving your goal. Do it mercilessly and confidently.
  • Be determined!
  • Look for the creative solutions.
  • Reward yourself for every new victory.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Remember the words of Joan Collins: “Show me a person, who has never made a mistake, and I’ll show you somebody, who has never achieved much”.
  • Think positively. Ignore the misfortunes; accept the success as the inevitable, inseparable part of your new life.
  • Get used to success!

So, all these measures are needed to program your brain to the favourable development of the events.
Now, when you know how to set and achieve goals, start acting right away!

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