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How to become rich: 16 ways

These 16 best ways will help you to become rich sooner than ever!


Hello again, dear readers of our useful site — Motivational tips! 😀

Everybody wants to gain a million or a billion effortlessly.

Everybody dreams of a pack of dollars falling on them out of the blue and this is how the HAPPINESS is seen by the class of poor people.

They are reluctant to work and they crave to gain success and wealth for free!

And what’s most interesting, I often hear idle people say “I want to be rich”. I ask them right away, “So, what do you do for the fulfillment of your dream?” or “Have you at least started to do anything?” The words “I want” don’t suffice; you must be the master of the words “I can” and “I’ll achieve”.

You know, a vicious circle of poverty is hard to break even with “I must do something” and “I must work somewhere” attitude. This is not enough. This is exactly the same way leading to poor living and misery. But you need more!

Now you can quit asking yourself “How to become rich?” as we have found the answer. Start following these rules and I promise you: you won’t recognize yourself in just a couple of weeks! 🙂

16 best ways for getting rich

  1. Way # 1: Remember, your dreams are the guidelines of your life and your personal trump cards.

    Dream more and, of course, believe and imagine your dreams coming true.

    Practice visualization!

    People without dreams slowly lose their vitality and are of no interest to others.

  2. Way # 2: Don’t stint compliments for your family, friends and even passers-by.

    Come up to a lady in the street and tell her how beautiful her dress is, compliment a man for his matching tie – in one word, turn on your imagination and do good to people! 

    Believe me, it will come back to you, but with a triple pleasure. Just dare try it!

  3. Way # 3: How to get rich? Work less for someone else and devote more time to your own business.

    Remember, the more you work, the worse you live.


    Because you don’t have time for your personal development and your own business.

    Instead, all you have is work!

    Am I not right?Do you want to tell me that after your real job you come back home (tired and annoyed, of course) and begin using your gifts and skills in some other field?And what about your children, washing dishes, doing all the household chores waiting for you?..

    But this is the reality. Don’t deceive yourself!Working must be worth it!

  4. Way # 4: Delve deeper into the philosophy of rich people – it often conceals a useful underlying message that can lead you to a great idea for your own startup!
  5. Way # 5: Try answer these questions: «Who am I?» What is the sense of my life? What are my advantages comparing to others? What would I do if I had a chest full of diamonds?”

    But, please, be honest, don’t evade the truth!

    The passion and power of understanding your genuine sense of life are immeasurable.

    After these revelations, you will easily answer the simple question “How do I become rich?”

  6. Way # 6: Poverty emerges whenever you avoid responsibility.

    If you want to be rich, be rich!

  7. Way # 7: Every problem can be solved in the shortest time possible.

    All you need for this is minimal effort and prompt thinking on the solution.More decisiveness and less hesitation!

    Don’t get stuck in overthinking.


  8. Way # 8: How to get rich? Work only for the sake of your own interests.

    Forget about any corporate culture and all the calls to it.

    True is the only thing: your company is always using you, your knowledge, and skills for its own sake.

    Otherwise you wouldn’t be working for it!

  9. Way # 9: Every minute think of a $ 100 000 monthly income.

    This is the minimum, you can think of more.

    But not less!

  10. Way # 10: Help people!
    Not for the sake of riches, but from a caring heart.

    Be sure to help those you choose to assist.

    They mustn’t necessarily be your relatives or friends.

  11. Way # 11: Now it’s the time for me to reveal one more secret: money comes to you via other people.
    That’s why communicate! Don’t live a secluded life, it won’t promote to your richness and success!

  12. Way # 12: The top rule is that the way to great riches lies through passive income!

    You receive it constantly regardless of your effort!

    How to be rich? Work on your goals and your commitment to them

    Put on your thinking cap, create your passive income, and live in clover!

  13. Way # 13: Friends, stop whining and complaining about life.

    Your dissatisfaction is only your fault.

    If you don’t have money, then fuel your energy generator and start your business! Figure out your problems, think of their solutions, and act!

    Also convert the most successful conclusions into business plans and sell them!

  14. Way # 14: How to get rich? It’s easy!

    Poor surroundings almost always drag you to poverty.

    Even the richest people aren’t deprived of relatives, friends, or other supplicants who, when not beaten off properly, will soon make your treasury empty.

    Communicate with Victors and Optimists.

    Yes, exactly big “V” Victors and big “O” Optimists!

  15. Way # 15: If money is on your agenda, bring something valuable to the market and people will bring you money.

    And the sum will depend on your ability to convince others when describing the advantages of your invention.

  16. Way # 16: And finally, in order to become rich, start a diary of your small victories!

    Losses and failures stay in mind 10 times longer than victories and success.

    If you lose heart, read your diary!

And my final piece of advice.

Never, never, never give up! Any enemy – and poverty is every man’s foe – must be fought till the end. And don’t allow any pity either for your adversary or for yourself!

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