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Invest in yourself: guidelines

A step-by-step instruction to help you know how to invest in yourself and what benefits you will gain. Read it and share with your friends!


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When people take care of their future, they certainly look for objects of investment.

It is totally right because it’s not very smart to count on miserable pensions that government will start paying one day.

But exhausting ourselves in the search for additional earnings we often forget about our development.

Invest in yourself – this is the most paying option out of all possible choices which, when properly planned, will bring you great dividends.

“Invest in yourself? I haven’t heard of it!”

Once I had two friends, Dima and Karina.

They were a couple.

They were good people and we spent great time together until they began drawing me in the company of Karina’s cousin – Viktor. He had his own business (two booths at the market) and was nuts about money.

Well, on the one hand, it’s not bad when people take care of their future and wish financial independence.

But on the other hand, all his investments were limited to his thirst for profit.

Viktor himself…

  • …was intellectually poor and thought primitively.
  • …feared books more than devil fears holy water.
  • …thought traveling a waste of money except an all inclusive tour to Turkey where one can be a seal by the pool filling his belly with free meals and drinks.
  • …weighed over 300 pounds.
  • …didn’t take care of his teeth and that’s why his breath always stank.
  • …wore wrinkled dirty clothes, demonstrated earth-coloured nails and tousled greasy hair.

Well, you see how charming he was.

Once I got so tired of listening to “how much money he collected from his booth vendor” or of “his account which he had in this bank” that I asked him whether he would like to know about other objects of investment, for instance, himself.

Viktor was shocked and asked me, “What is it “investing in myself”?”

How to invest in yourself?

I almost believed that Karina’s brother was ready to improve himself and decided to explain him the meaning of the word “self-investment”.

In my opinion, it includes:

  1. Health.
  2. Appearance.
  3. Knowledge.

Nobody can be considered successful or self-sufficient without these three components.

Well, let me spare you the details of my further conversation with this apology of a businessman. Just know that it ended with a fight.

Viktor rudely disclaimed my principles, called psychology some bullshit, and confirmed that money was his main goal.

He insisted that once you have a pile of cash, you have it all.

Karina was hurt because I didn’t find her brother most neat and pleasant, Dima took her side, and I left these people, convinced I won’t ever contact them again.

It’s no use being friends with those who don’t share your values.

If you don’t suffer from primitiveness which has seriously affected Viktor, then you might be interested to know how to invest in yourself.

Invest in your health

While we are young we think that we’ll always be healthy. This is a very dangerous delusion because your health in mature age significantly depends on your healthcare in youth.

Investing in your health means that you:

  • Eat good food.

    The products you consume must be not only delicious, but also useful.

    A healthy man must love fruit, vegetables, lean meat, oily fish, nuts, and liver.

  • Take vitamins.

    Please don’t tell me how expensive they are!

    You can save money for a month or two-month course of vitamins skipping just one beer party with your friends.

  • Spend at least an hour a day outside.

    If you can’t find time for such a long walk, then walk to work or the place of your studying.

  • Regularly consult your dentist and gynecologist (guys, you need a different doctor), have your general tests and fluorography done at least once every two years.
  • When sick, go to the doctor instead of tormenting a pharmacist.

    Don’t expect him to give you some wondrous medicine, as well as don’t look for a trustworthy piece of advice from your friends online.

    I understand that medicine in our country leaves much to be desired, but it doesn’t justify careless attitude to your health.

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Investing in your appearance

«You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.»
Tom Hopkins

A successful person simply can’t look as a fat, dirty, shabby cat from the drain. I’m not saying you must stick in spas, but you must certainly invest in your appearance.

So be sure to…

  • Do sports to have a slim fit body instead of cherished fat deposits.
  • Never leave home with oily untrimmed hair or grown undyed roots.
  • Regularly have your manicure and pedicure done (applies to both genders!)
  • Take care of your skin.

    Therefore visit a cosmetologist at least once every two months and don’t be lazy to care for your body and face at home.

    This point also applies to men.

    Pimply oily skin looks horrible.

  • Mind what your wear.

    Choose quality clothes that will underline the advantages of your figure, wash and iron them timely.

Invest in your knowledge

This is, probably, the main point of your self-investment program.

I’m sure that any person should daily learn something new and practice self-development.

The person who said “Knowledge is no burden, you never know what you’ll use today.” was hundred percent right.

Proper investments into your knowledge are:

  • Reading.

    Make a rule of reading at least 50–100 pages a day. Give preference to educational and psychological literature, advice of successful people, bestsellers (to be in trend), and classics.

  • Workshops, trainings, presentations, meetings with famous people and so on.
  • Video.

    Of course, first of all, focus on useful and informative documentaries. But fictional movies can also teach you lots of things.

  • Traveling.

    Going to another country (or at least another city) try to do all possible sightseeing. Don’t waste all your days on the beach or in a bar.

  • Entertainment.

    Visits to the cinema, theatre, museums, botanic gardens, zoos, planetariums and so on will help you to expand your knowledge.

Smart people can easily understand the meaning of the phrase “how to invest in yourself”.

They absorb new knowledge, take care of their appearance and health without any additional reminders.

Only primitive individuals have the tunneled vision of the word “investments”.

For them it means “shovel in heaps of money”. I do feel sorry for them!

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