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How to Become a Multimillionaire?

Do you want to become a multimillionaire, a billionaire and a successful person? Then you should follow 7 recommendations from this article.


While reading different articles on the Internet, I came across a very interesting article by the specialist in international marketing Grant Cardone, who explains there how to become a multimillionaire.

As for me, this article is very captivating and useful, thus I’ve decided to offer you its short summary blended with my own thoughts.

The first thing which you have to keep in mind is that you don’t want to be a millionaire anymore, now your goal is to become a multimillionaire. Say it out loud right now and let the volume of your voice and the level of its confidence reflect the power of your desire.

If you truly believe that becoming a millionaire will bring you the sensation of financial security, you are wrong. Taking into account the volatility of economics and financial markets, taxation issues, changeability of legislation and whims of government, possessing of one million of dollars will not guarantee you and your family the feeling of financial security.

The recent investigation, conducted by the investment fund “Fidelity Investment” showed that 42% of millionaires don’t feel financially independent anymore. These millionaires state that they need approximately 7.5 million dollars in order to feel rich.

Perhaps, many people dream their whole life about the ability to earn 1 million dollars, and they would be totally satisfied by this sum. However, is it really enough for the feeling of financial satisfaction? Will one million dollars bring the sensation of carelessness, taking into account that a person has to know how to use savings and invest it in order to multiply money instead of losing it?

How much money should a person have on his/her bank account for the opportunity to relax to the full extent?

How to become a multimillionaire and what do you need for it?

  • Make a decision to become a multimillionaire!
  • The first thing which you have to do is to make a decision to become a multimillionaire!

    Take a piece of paper; write down how much money you want to have, then put this scrap of paper into your wallet and carry it everywhere with you. Don’t forget to say the number on the paper out loud from time to time. Gradually such thinking technique will inspire you to take certain measures which in complex are going to bring you to the desired goal.

  • Eliminate thoughts about poverty
  • The statement, according to which there are not enough resources for all habitants on Earth, is wrong. There are not enough people who know how to multiply money.

    In order to become a multimillionaire without having initial capital, you have to get rid of the style of thinking which is peculiar for poor people. You can read useful recommendations on this matter in Harv Eker’s book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. The author explains what the most widespread stereotypical thoughts about money are, how to eliminate them and be ready to receive millions instead of cents.

  • Set a higher goal

  • Apart from the desire to earn much, you should dream about doing something nice and pleasant for other members of society.

    If you concentrate exclusively on your own enrichment, you may reach the moral deadlock – when a person becomes a multimillionaire, but does not feel happy.

    According to Richard Branson, the desire to make something good for others is one of the key factors in business.

  • Surround yourself with multimillionaires
  • You cannot learn how to become a multimillionaire from people who are not wealthy themselves.

    Who usually says: “Money does not bring happiness”? People, who do not have any money. Who says: “All rich people are greedy”? Poor people do!

    Find successful people who can be your coaches and share some of their secrets. Usually your environment influences your success. You have to learn how these people have enriched themselves in order to follow their example and become a multimillionaire.

    What habits do they have? What books do they read? What places do they attend? What are the sources of their motivation? If you want to become a multimillionaire, you have to live like one.

  • Work like a multimillionaire
  • Rich people spend their time in a completely different way.

    This is a reason why Americans, where there are a lot of millionaires, people state that “Time is money”. This saying is the part of their philosophy of business and success.

    Millionaires know that time is more expensive than money, because you can earn millions you spend again, but you can never return time. That’s why rich people buy time while poor people waste it. Instead of doing everything on their own, rich people hire others to fulfill tasks for them.

    Have you noticed that in the movies about rich people there is always maintenance staff in their mansions?

    There are many different thoughts on this matter, but I think that delegation of routine house chores to professional staff is a great way to concentrate on your own enrichment. Millionaires know that in order to achieve success they have to solve difficult business issues instead of spending time on cleaning their house.

    P.S. You may also find out how Shahrukh Khan has become one of the richest actors in Hollywood from this article.

  • Stop wasting money and start investing it!
  • Millionaires don’t waste savings. They invest their capital in order to multiply it.

    If you want to become a multimillionaire, you should invest your money – it is the basic financial practice of wealthy people.

    Besides, these people use taxation laws to their own benefit, e.g. they buy a new car for money which has to undergo taxation, and afterwards they make it over to the company.

    Apart from that, millionaires create profitable cash flows. You can read about this phenomenon in Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. For example, wealthy people invest their savings into real estate, lease it and receive profit monthly.

  • Create several sources of income
  • Millionaires don’t depend on single source of income; usually they create several “cash flows”.

    Poor people complain about rich folk owning plants, yachts and publishing houses. However, this is only the method of diversity of risks. If a plant becomes a bankrupt, the total cash flow will not disappear, because it will be nourished by media business and ship company.

    You will be surprised, but rich people want others to become rich as well. Usually they are confused that other people cannot be successful, because wealthy people don’t consider themselves to be unique or somehow special. Wealth is affordable for everybody who wants to achieve it!

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