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Creative Business Ideas: 9 Variants

Learn about the experience of other people on how to generate creative business ideas. Read our article and finally create something yours!


Business is the thing that brings every person freedom and makes him happy.

The thing is that doing your own business, a person can do only the things he likes, but not what his boss tells him to do.

Besides, a person can decide on his own when and how long he must work, which is very useful sometimes.

Business may not be always built on classical and traditional basis.

Clothes’ stores, seasonal stalls or even flower business – all these ideas are extremely old and there is huge competition in these spheres.

It’s much more promising to use creative ideas, which are unique and not yet popular on the wide market.

Creative business triggers genuine interest among the customers, and it’s easy to promote it using “word of mouth” or viral advertising.

Nevertheless, before you create any kind of business, you should find out what you are going to do.

Every person can do anything.

So, we suggest you looking at the following creative business ideas.

5 ways how to generate creative business ideas

  1. Encourage subconsciousness.

    If you try to learn new facts from the unknown spheres of activities every day or fall for completely new hobby, you’ll find out what a great way it is to stimulate your subconscious mind.

    Devote more time to reading magazines and books, which you usually do not read; spend as much time as possible listening to the radio stations, which you have not heard before; watch TV shows, which you have not watched before.

    You are sure to immerse yourself in the new source of information and it will fill you with new perspectives and ideas.

    In order to stay a creative personality and generate creative business ideas you should spend an hour per week participating in a new kind of sport, activity, anything, which motivates and inspires you, but you could not find time for it before or you did not get around to it.

  2. Take notice.

    The most unpleasant thing in inspiration is that it comes in the least appropriate moment.

    Make sure you always have a pen and a notebook at hand (or a smartphone), because, as a rule, the best ideas do not flow to your head, when you are sitting at the table.

    Make it a habit to write down your ideas and new ideas will come to you more often.

    Do not forget that your notes must not necessarily be done in written form; they may look like graphics or even scribbles, depending on your mood at that very moment!

  3. Get out!

    Fresh ideas may appear in your mind during discovering new information or facts, but getting out of your physical comfort zone literally – leaving your usual places – will definitely give your subconscious a stimulus to be creative and generate business ideas.

    Go to the places, where you usually do not go (if it is not too far), or change the usual sofa and TV-set on the walks around your neighborhood.

    Fresh air is capable of miracles.

    You may also choose a really adventurous method – why not take a bus not knowing where it goes?

    It may be a cheap and easy way to immerse in the new and encouraging surrounding.
    After you finish your “journey” you can always take the same bus and return home!

    If you like pop music, you should visit jazz or rock café and do something you’d never do deliberately.

    It works, just believe in it.

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  4. Exercises and H2O.

    Creative thinking is based on the good physical condition.

    In this case you’ll need to do regular physical exercises to receive new creative flow.

    A short run, fresh air and endorphin flow are priceless in this business.

    Moreover, make sure your brain is “well watered”, lest you faced mental slowness, because dehydration can really kill inspiration.

  5. Imagine that you are 9 years old.

    Such books as Winnie-the-Pooh, Pinocchio and Karlsson contain extra-big portions of creativity and inspiration.

    That’s why, if you are an adult, it does not mean you must forget about your inner child.

    Mind that when you were little and imagined yourself as a fictional character, you fought dragons and thought the camel’s hump was full of water.

    Awake that feeling and you are likely to get a new vision of your business ideas and tasks and your whole life will surely change!

6 Creative business ideas

Under the circumstances when the business is oversaturated with various services, entrepreneurs are forced to look for the new creative ideas, which would satisfy even the most spoiled customer.

Most modern business ideas are presented as “life hacks” – they help people to make their lives easier and solve many routine problems.

1. Walks with the dogs

Dogs are the people’s best friends and it’s hard to find a person who does not like these animals.

Big dogs, like Samoyed, Husky, Akita, German shepherd, bring the pet lovers especial joy and admiration.

Nevertheless, far from many people have a possibility to keep such dog – they require much attention and care, special training and long everyday walks. In such cases the dog clubs which offer walks with the dogs come in handy.

In order to start such business, you should pick a tourist trail, which is 5-10 km long and a person can walk within one day.

The participants of such hike are provided with food, tents (if necessary), but the most important thing is that they have the unprecedented possibility to communicate with the dogs, which become their companions for this hike.

2. Bus parties

As a rule, they are organized for the small companies, not more than 15-25 people, depending on the bus’s size.

The clients are offered the following services:

  • beverages,
  • food,
  • competitions,
  • the services of the host, etc.

However, the most important thing is loud music which is accompanied by the bright lighting.

The advantages of bus parties are that the guests may plan their route on their own, drive around the city and the sites of memories of their youth and attend several popular happening places.

3. Taxi with a psychologist

Taxi drivers, just like bartenders, aside from their direct duties, often perform another function.

During the long ride, looking at the various landscapes or when waiting in the traffic jam, many passengers want to talk to a stranger, which they probably see for the first and the last time.

It gives way to bring to life another creative business idea – taxi with a psychologist.

The price of such service will be lower than the traditional visit to the specialist and the atmosphere in the car will probably invite to the open communication.

4. Renting pets

Many people dream of having a pet, but not all of them have a possibility to put this dream into life.

Renting pets is one of the curious, disputable, but, unconditionally, creative business ideas.

Pets for a certain period of time are required due to various reasons:

  • photo shoots,
  • housewarming,
  • catching rats,
  • guarding establishments, etc.

Animals are also rented to show to the children that a cat or a dog is not a toy and they require time and care.

In this case, if the parents are satisfied by the child’s behavior and the level of responsibility, they can buy this animal for good.

Such creative business idea was born in Japan and caused a lot of disputes: the oppositionists assure that animals are not things, which can be rented and define such actions as cruel animal treatment.

However, this business allows homeless dogs and cats find at least a bit of love and attention.

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5. Robots’ fights

Unusual creative business ideas with the minimum investments allow creating business almost from nothing.

One of suchlike examples is robots’ fights.

The essence of this business is in knowing how to negotiate and organize events.

The event of such level cause genuine interest among the audience and the businessman’s main task is to get out information to the audience and gather many sponsors to organize such a creative show.

One can easily find the participants in the specialized clubs and communities: they will gladly take part in such event and their robots will make the show spectacular and unprecedented.

6. Taxi for women

Many girls and women, coming home in the middle of the night, are afraid and feel uncomfortable, getting in a taxi to an unknown man.

Even harmless flirting may be unpleasant – persistence of some men really strikes.

The idea of taxi for women is the following – the drivers are only women.

It increases the level of security, comfort and the most important is that it ruins all stereotypes.

World’s original and creative business ideas

Clients got tired of old and predictable business ideas long ago – they do not want to buy the ready-made muesli and they wish to create the receipt of this meal from various cereals and dried fruits.

This is only one of the hundreds business ideas, which are popular all over the world.

That’s why we suggest you reading what other businessmen managed to accomplish.

1. A restaurant, where the calories are counted, and a shop, where people pay for entrance

In the USA a restaurant was open, which cares about the customers and their weight.

In every bill, aside from the sum people must pay, the number of calories, which a person ate in this establishment, is also mentioned.

It obviously demonstrated the flaws in the eating habits or, on the contrary, reminds the client once more that he looks after his health.

Another entrepreneur from Australia came up with the stroke of genius of how to fight the customers of the shop, who do not buy anything, but just stroll along the isles and learn the prices.

A woman takes charge for entering the shop — $5 from every visitor – and when a person buys something this money is counted as a discount.

However, if a customer does not buy anything, he loses his money.

Such creative method may seem controversial, but it brought her not only additional income, but fame as well.

2. Online-lunches

A girl from South Korea created absolutely new kind of making money and launched a business basing on her experience.

She worked a lot in the office and just as many other employees felt discomfort and fits of loneliness during lunch.

After she quit this job, she decided to help such lonely people, who have no one to lunch with.

During lunch, she comes online in Skype and keeps the company with anyone, who paid a definite sum of money for the conversation.

Moreover, she supports those, who stick to a diet and eat dietetic food with them.

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3. Socks for subscription

Socks are the biggest men’s problem.

They do not care too much about finding the second sock to match and can easily put on different socks or pretend they do not notice the future hole.

The same thing happened to the American manager Sammy Lichti – he was invited to a meeting, where he unexpectedly had to take off his shoes.

Burning with shame he took off his shoes and during negotiations his only thought was how to make so that no one noticed his different holed socks.

Business idea of sending socks by post may become popular in a big city, where live many busy men, as well as in a small town, which is very developed.

This is how his business idea was born: he started to offer men to buy a subscription card on socks and send them new socks with the set intervals without any reminding or orders.

The simple idea became extremely popular – because now new socks appear in the wardrobe almost on their own and a man must only take them from the mail box.

Creative business ideas do not need advertising – without any additional stimuli people will gladly tell their friends and acquaintances about a new place they happened to visit.

Such business will quickly become fashionable and popular – the owner must only maintain the high quality of the service and constantly update the mechanisms of their delivery.

The ideas may be different and be in different business dimensions, that’s why, do not be afraid to fantasize and put your thought into effect.

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