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How to Attract Wealth: Step-by-Step Instruction

Are you looking for the answer to the question of how to attract wealth? In the article below you are sure to find all secrets and a step-by-step instruction.


Any one of us is dreaming if not about being rich, then about being wealthy.

Money opens plenty of possibilities in all spheres of your life.

If you have enough finances, you can improve your health, spend your vacation well and bring joy to our close people presenting them with various needed gifts and so on.

Nevertheless, far from all people are satisfied with their financial condition and think they are haunted by the misfortunes.

Everything which happens in our lives depends only on us.

We must help ourselves to achieve what we wish.

There are several secrets of how to attract wealth.

Let’s uncover all secrets.

Secrets of how to attract wealth

  • Treat money with respect in order to attract wealth

    It’s the most important rule for those, who really want to attract wealth.

    Communicating with well-off people – especially those, who got their capital honestly – you are likely to notice how they treat it.

    Such people often count every cent and are constantly looking for ways to save money, though in their situation it may seem vain or even silly to you.

    Actually, they do it right because money stays with those, who know how to treat it.

    One can waste or spend on trifles quite a lot.

    That’s why the first thing you can do on your way to attract wealth is to start to respect the income you already recieve.

  • Start counting how much you receive

    Start a notebook of expenses or find a corresponding app in your smartphone.

    As soon as you start writing down on which things and how much you spend, you’ll immediately get the feeling you’ve got more money.

    You’ll understand how much you devote to really important and needed items and what expenses may be easily eliminated.

    Decreasing the wasted sums, which bring you neither joy nor use, is a sort of declaration of respect to money, which will definitely bring its fruits.

  • Save at least something

    Maybe it seems to you that you earn too little to do some savings or you are too young/family/old for such things.

    However, it’s completely wrong and these are only the excuses for weak-willed people: no matter who you are and how much you earn, you can always save at least 10% of your income.

    Open an account, where you could put money, but from which it would be unbeneficial to withdraw it, and use only to save those 10% there.

    As soon as you see that 10% are not so difficult to save and it’s psychologically pleasant, you’ll wish to save more.

    You can start another account, from which you’ll be able to easily withdraw money and use it to save income for big purchase and other valuable investments.

    Regardless of the size of your salary you can save in average up to 50% of your income – without having any major descent in the quality of life.

    It may seem impossible, but this law is verified by the experience of many people.

  • Actually wish to gain wealth

    It’s not necessary to make the saving of money the sense of your life, but it won’t be excess to pay your respects to it.

    Only people who never faced the power of money think that money can’t bring happiness.

    Financial possibilities can secure the life, which will bring you joy every day.

    Understand what goals you have, wishing to attract wealth, and feed your thoughts about them with your energy.

    You can even make a map of visualization and stick there the photos of the wanted flat, interesting journeys and other precious goods, which you’ll be able to afford as soon as you attracted wealth.

    Define the definite sum, which will allow you thinking about yourself as of a well-off man and never stop believing in your future: the universe is organized the way that there are always possibilities for fulfillment of somebody’s dream – it only needs to know what a person really wishes for.

  • Make your money work

    You should not save income in the cupboard: it’ll be either eaten by the inflation or lack of organization, or everything at once.

    Make your money bring you income: at first, put them in a bank in order to receive percentage.

    However, mind that popular programs, which allow you trading on the market exchange sitting at the computer, actually require much attention every day.

    If your working hour costs more than those percentages you are going to earn on Forex for this time, use the bank’s services, unit investment funds or other financial institutions.

    Believe us and check it on your own: money is the energy, which requires your constant support.

    That’s why your savings must not lie on the shelves collecting dust, because they “turn off” from the world flow, which can bring your wealth.

    The best way to join the money energy is to make money work and spend the rest from the investments on really happy moments, for the sake of which we actually live – moreover, not only on yours, but on others’ as well.

  • Work hard to attract wealth

    Finally, do not forget that all methods to attract wealth, which were described above, work only when you work.

    Lazy people get money only accidentally and not for long, that’s why if you want to receive something from this world, something that is going to make you happier, you should at first give it something that will make other people happy.

6 Steps on how to attract wealth

  1. Instead of thinking about your wishes and needs, start thinking using the categories of openness and possibility.

    Wealth and success are the states of mind, which may be reached by constant wealth’s attraction using the method of positive thinking instead of negative one.

  2. Start finding new opportunities to receive wealth by describing a certain type of wealth you wish to gain.

    Stick to the strategy if you indeed wish to learn how to attract wealth.

    Realize that wealth exists in different forms.

    It is conditionally divided into financial, romantic and so on.

    Perhaps, you wish to acquire new friends or professional skills.

    Describe the type of wealth you wish to achieve and do it precisely in all details.

  3. Watch the possibilities, which appear around you in order to attract wealth.

    Be available to the ideas and offers of new job or creating wealth.

    Focus all your attention on the need to understand how many possibilities there are around, but we do not let ourselves use them.

    Say “yes” to the new possibilities and you’ll immediately become “attractive” for any type of wealth.

  4. Become grateful in order to attract wealth.

    Every morning create a list consisting of, at least, three things for which you should be thankful.

    The list is sure to expand, when you start realizing how much you’ve got so far.

    When attracting wealth you should never forget to be grateful for the things you have.

    Many people think that they are not wealthy enough, as they never think how much they’ve got. Get “a habit of gratitude” and it is likely to attract wealth.

  5. Come up with a schedule of your plan to attract wealth.

    Write how much you wish to earn in the next 3 months, 6 months and be very precise.

    You must formulate the goals in the form of gratitude.

    For instance, write “Thank you for $100 000, which I’ll earn till the end of the year”.

    In case you later realize that the goal won’t be reached, you should still be thankful and continue setting positive targets.

  6. Stick to your strategy on how to attract wealth.

    Set the financial goals you must achieve within a week, month and year.

    Start every day with a thankful meditation and understand that wealth of any kind will very quickly come to your life.

How to attract wealth by fen shui?

The ancient Chinese teaching fen shui may help to attract good luck and wealth to your life.

It’s a whole science, which is targeted at the harmony in the life of a person, who follows certain rules.

The good luck won’t make you wait.

  • Letting fen shui in your life, at first clean the house from bad energy.

    Only this way you’ll be able to attract wealth.

    Your house must always be perfectly clean – this is an obligatory condition.

    You should not even start without it.

    Throw away from your home everything you do not use.

    Clutter makes your house especially dirty. Rubbish, broken things, dishes and old clothes.

    These piles of things do not allow energy circling freely.

  • Water is considered to be one of the main money symbols in fen shui.

    That’s why all taps in the house must be completely closed.

    Even the smallest leaks are unacceptable.

    Water running to the canalization is a symbol of money flow, which goes nowhere.

    However, the presence of a decorative fountain in the house, which is located in the south-east part of the house, only contributes to the attraction of wealth.

    “The right” thing is considered to be an aquarium with clear water.

  • Buy a home plant – money tree – it may also be sold by the name “dollar tree” or “euro tree”.

    You should take good care of this tree and put some coins or banknotes under it.

  • Another powerful charm in the Chinese teaching is a frog with three legs.

    Sometimes it’s the only thing people associate fen shui with. In the specialized store one can find the most different figurines of a frog: with a coin in its mouth, on the stand made of coins, etc.

    These customs are the ground of the old Chinese science of attracting money.

  • There are some unacceptable things for fen shui.

    For instance, you must never leave your wallet empty.

    Lest you do it by accident, you may put in a secret pocket a coin and never throw it away.

Wealth and abundance are the important components of the financially stable life free from stresses.

One can become wealthy when he’s working hard and making money.

However, another way of understanding wealth includes the idea of how to attract wealth.

The presence of certain way of thinking, which brings abundance is the major principle how you can attract wealth.

Stick to our instructions, so that you discovered how to attract wealth and start ensuring your financial security.

Believe in yourself, your goal and its fulfillment and the first results will appear sooner than you think.

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