How to Sell More?

People, who own business, which is somehow connected to the trade, are always anxious thinking how to sell more. In article will provide you with several tips.


Many sellers think this way: The new plan is bigger than the previous one.

Consequently, the clients must buy more. But they do not need more.

Clients are used to buying the amount of goods, which they need, and which are easily sold by them.

So, how to push up sales of the client? How to sell more?

These questions are probably asked by the marketers from all around the world. Few of them find the answer, which may be implemented into business.

It’s where the excuses begin… The market is in crisis, the world is out, and everything is really very bad.

However, are there any universal methods, which show how to sell more?

What does the push up sales depend on? Can we clear it out together?

Let’s discuss what we are capable of.

How to sell more: the view of the consumer

This is the perfect way how you can understand how to sell more. Become a consumer of your own goods – that’s the main responsibility of any marketer.

  • Firstly, it’s the product itself.

    To be more precise – it’s the quality. Any man of good sense is going to “share his money” with the manufacturer, if the product is really good, of course.

    Surely, one can sell bad and low-quality goods as well, calling it the best and perfect. Everyone can sell a bill of goods.

    However, the customer cannot be tricked. He does not receive any pleasure from such a sale.

    So, if you give the client really qualitative and good product, moreover for a good price without 100-200 or sometimes 1000% of margin – they’re going to snap this thing up and ask for more.

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  • The second thing people pay attention to is the brand of the product.

    Call it how you like – brand, trade name, or name. This name must be well-known. It must have a positive history and at least some feedback or reviews.

    In other words, so that the consumer bought it and the manufacturer, consequently, sold more – there must be a well-established history of this product. That’s why it is so difficult to sell new products. This is also the reason why the products of the unknown brands are so reluctantly sold.

    There must be the whole story about the item.

  • The third thing, which allows selling more, is how much the item is noticeable.

    The consumer does not want to put efforts to buy what he needs.

    He must feel comfortable. An item must be convenient to find. It should be convenient for him to choose from the variety of goods. A consumer must feel convenient to do the shopping.

How one may sell more: the view of the seller

  1. The utility of the item.

    Everything is quite clear here – at first we must define what may be useful to a client.

    How? Do it how you want, conduct a survey if you like. From the received results you must choose the best one.

    Surely, everything may be solved by the medium of a good marketing, and people sell this way even bad product, but this is not our method.

    One more way to pick up a good product is to make the process of its manufacturing up-to-date and corresponding to all the standards (however, it’s up to the manufacturing plant).

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  3. The second point is the history.

    Nothing prevents marketers from taking the concrete product and creating a positive image around it.

    One may start from the detailed description of the item on the company’s website.

    The second method is to “paint” the qualitative and full description of the product – this is the catalogue. What must be included in the description?

    All useful for the customer specifications, the method of application and the packaging arrangement. Generally, anything you would like, most importantly plenty of information but up to the point at the same time.

    Then we create a story. We try the product and describe how it was.

    If a product is good, and it was previously defined that it’s good, then there will be no difficulties to make up a beautiful and interesting story.

    Where to place it? There are plenty of options.

    Again, do not forget about your own website.

    Some topical forums may become nice places to put useful information.

    It’s also helpful to edit newspapers, the so called of your own work. Booklets and catalogues of the company are also suitable to locate interesting texts about the goods.

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  4. The third point – make the product noticeable.


    There are lots of options here:

    • Firstly, it’s the wrapping.
      Whatever is inside, people judge about it by the box.
    • Secondly, wrapping must be bright, outstanding, catchy and comfortable.
    • The product must be noticeable in the point of purchase.
    • Availability and comfort selling in all possible places (sites, numerous points of purchase and so on, in general – everywhere).
    • Convenient form of payment.
      You must give a client the possibility to choose how he is going to pay.

How to sell more: a short instruction

1. You must become the best for a client.

You are to be the most authoritative. You are to be the one, whom he would not want to lose.

How is it done? It is reached by the need and its satisfaction, of course.

The client’s need is the key moment in the answer how to sell more.

It often happens that a client comes to you to buy something, but he does not actually know what he wants. This is the state of need.

2. In order to sell more, you must explain to the client his feelings, decipher them.

The client will like the seller, who will give the suitable explanation about client’s feelings first.

After this answer is learned by the client, he won’t simply accept the other answers, he is sure to deny them.

So, giving the answer about client’s feelings you tie him to yourself. Why?

The memory of a customer is like a CD, that’s why. It is recorded once and you cannot rewrite it. In psychology, it is called imprinting.

By imprinting you record the instruction, so to say, how a client must behave, if he feels again the feelings, which you explained and described to him.

Every time these feelings arise, the client reads from his mind the instruction, revises it and goes straight to you.

As a result, you can build the system in such way that you will be able to sell anything from the food to the flights to the Moon.

3. When a client likes you, you may start using the effective instruments of motivation to buy something. Those methods, which were simply not available at that time.

For example, you can establish a community of interest and with its help increase the additional motivation to purchase goods.

A community of interest is like a club of people, who like the same product, which you sell.

It may also be a club of people, who like the same trade mark.

All in all, there are plenty of options, the most important is that you have whom to invite to this club.

It’s almost impossible to invite to a club a client, who is indifferent to you, but it’s quite easy to do it with someone, who likes and respects you.

Simply because the entrance to this club is a perfect opportunity to communicate with you.

Moreover, a community of interest allows supplying your clients with different information quickly, with minimum costs and maximum efficiency.

Let’s assume it may be the information about new products or new services, or the information about new places of selling, special offers and discounts.

You can offer the members of the club some additional services and get additional income by it.

4. When clients like you, you can spend fewer resources controlling them.
When you have a group of clients, you can safely introduce new products and services to the market.

Due to it you are likely to spend less on the promotion of the new products.

5. Organization of different events, where you can sell more.

There may be lots of them. For example, you may organize a competition, where people will have to use your products and they’ll have to buy it, regardless whether they like it or not.

Surely, you’ll have some expenses for the prizes, but the sum spent on them will be lower than the income from selling goods.

Organizing such competitions, you may also sell things, which are usually less sold.

Frankly speaking, people always want to sell more and more.

The more you sell, the more you want to sell.

Apparently, selling is a certain analog of a drug, moreover a legal one. Excitement wins you over, because when you sell, you grow in your own eyes.

So, utility, noticeability, history and need are the keys to the answer of the question of how to sell more goods. The better you master them, the more you’ll sell.

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